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4 Green Living Cleaning Tips


green cleaningMost people never really stop and think about all the chemicals they’re spraying all over their homes when they try to clean up. While these sprays and solvents certainly get the job done, there are easier, less expensive, and more natural solutions that won’t leave behind a residue or impact the health of anyone living in a given home.

#1: Catching Flies With Vinegar

No one likes it when midges, flies, and other pests get in the house. But for those who don’t want to break the bank or leave poisons around in their homes, this simple green living formula will help you catch all of the pests in your home. Take an empty glass or jar (pickle jars work quite nicely), and pour a quarter inch of apple cider vinegar into it. Cover the top with cellophane, and punch small holes in it. Secure the cellophane with a rubber band to keep it taught. The pests will be drawn to the scent, and once they get in they won’t be able to get out. No chemicals, no danger to pets or children, and it even smells rather pleasant.

#2: Get Rid Of Smells With Half an Onion

Onions may not be quite a dime a dozen, but they are cheap. If you happen to have an onion laying around the house then you can use it to absorb some of that musty odor hanging around in your basement. Simply cut an onion in half and set it on a plate overnight. By the time morning comes around you should notice a marked lessening of any smells in the room. No need to pump your air full of perfume when you can suck the bad smells right out.

#3: Use White Vinegar to De-Scent Your Trashcan

Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment the trash can be an affront to the nose. Rather than throwing out your trashcan and getting a new one every couple of months though, all you need is some white vinegar and a piece of bread. Soak the bread with white vinegar (put the bread on a paper towel first), and leave it in the bottom of the empty trash can overnight. Come the morning the smell will be gone, and you didn’t need to use anything more artificial than a piece of bread.

#4: Cleaning Counters and Cutting Boards With Lemons

While most people only use lemons for livening up their drinks, they’re actually powerful cleaning agents. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice onto stains on either a cutting board or a laminate counter top. Use the fruit like a scrubber, and let the citrus eat away at the stains and mess. Rinse the counter top off a few minutes later with water, and you’ll notice that the stains are gone. Lemons also disinfect an area, and leave it smelling of natural citrus.

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