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Liven Up Your New Apartment With These Hardy Indoor Plants


A little greenery has an amazing ability to liven up any living space. The benefits go beyond the aesthetic, though. Research has shown plants to be effective in removing indoor pollutants. In fact, a study from NASA found that houseplants are able to remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in a 24-hour period.

Some of the most effective houseplants at removing toxins were dragon tree, ivy, ficus, philodendrons, spider plants, peace lilies, ferns, chrysanthemums, palms and the rubber plant. Several of these awesome creatures also made our list of hardy, easy-to-care-for plants. Here are our top six picks to brighten up your new apartment.

  1. Ficus. The braided ficus tree is a favorite for those wanting a low-maintenance indoor plant. Since they can grow tall, an apartment with vaulted ceilings is a perfect fit. They thrive in bright, but indirect sunlight. So, put it in the corner of a room with a large window and watch it take off. Only water your ficus every two to three days and fertilize it once a year.
  2. African Violets. We love our greenery, but having flowers indoors brings a whole new level of satisfaction. African violets are a great choice. They are inexpensive, usually only a few dollars, and are easy to care for. African violets will give you about nine months of blooms. Place them near a window because they need full sunlight. If you don’t have a sunny spot for them, they also do well under fluorescent light. Get more tips about using artificial light sources from HGTVgardens.com. The biggest key to success is to leave them alone. The quickest way to kill your African violet is to water it too much. Only water it when the soil feels completely dry. Don’t water it from the top. Place water in a dish and set the pot on top of the dish, allowing the plant to absorb the water from the bottom roots.
  3. Peace Lily. The peace lily improves indoor air quality and is one of the easiest plants to care for. It does not require a lot of light. It will grow as much as you allow it, dictated by the size of its pot. Keep it as a tabletop decoration or let it grown to six feet tall in a large room. They also provide a delicate, spoon-shaped flower.
  4.  Spider Plants. These gems are tolerant, tough and hardy. They can take a lot of abuse and neglect. They make great hanging baskets with their “spiderettes” that hang from the mother plant. Place in bright, indirect light. Don’t over water. Let the plant completely dry out before watering again. If you find success with spider plants and want more, you can easily propagate the spiderettes from the mother plant and create a new plant.
  5.  Cacti. If you are really doubting your green thumb abilities, start out with a cacti. Simply place it in a sunny spot and don’t water until they are completely dry.
  6. Jade. These incredibly easy plants help create a modern look. They do need direct sunlight, so place your plant near a window. If planted in a large pot, they can grow to be a five-foot shrub. The only problem you may encounter is the plant can grow so much it becomes top-heavy and dumps over. Here’s another perk. If a leaf falls off, don’t discard it. Simply place it in the dirt and it will root and create a new plant. Indoor plants are a great way to improve your indoor environment. Regardless of the climate in which you live, the lighting in your apartment or space restrictions, you are sure to find an indoor plant that fits your needs. One word of caution, though. If you are an animal lover, be sure your indoor plant is not poisonous to your furry friends.

Wood Partners would like to introduce you to your new home. Contact us to learn about our luxury apartment communities nationwide.



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22 Terrific Decorating Ideas for Small Apartment Rentals (Part I)

Decorating ideas for small apartments

You’ve finally found a new apartment that you like. Congratulations! However, it’s smaller than you’d like it to be. But don’t despair—you can still make it homey. In this first part, we’ll explore eleven of these invigorating ideas.

A Paint Alternative

You don’t have to be surrounded by a boring white palette all the time if your new landlord doesn’t permit painting the walls. Painting your furniture—like a nightstand, end table or bed frame—can equally add that “wow factor” to a room.

Create a Gallery Display

To exhibit your assortment of collectables try utilizing floating shelves. Using plain shelves will allow you to rotate your items because these shelves will match with almost everything; this enables you to leave the shelves where they are and not put holes all over walls of your apartment. Staggering the shelves gives you a distinct look as well.

Say “Welcome” to Open Storage

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space, a metal industrial shelving unit will work wonders. You’ll feel like one of those Master Chefs with the trendy metal touches on the shelving unit. You could also purchase some wicker baskets to place on the shelves and keep your snacks, herbal tea, fresh fruits or spices.

Give Your Windows Style

Those mini blinds that are standard for some apartments aren’t very practical and give your place an office-type feel. Do you really want your dwelling to feel like an office? Pretty drapes or curtains won’t just brighten a room, they’ll supply you with privacy; best of all, curtains and drapes will insulate your apartment from the sun in the summer and cold during the winter. Putting up curtains or drapes won’t take long—it’s something you can easily do in one day. Continue reading

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Apartment Dweller? Tips for Furniture Color, Selection and Arrangement

Alta City West

Alta City West in Houston

Apartments are typically a challenge to decorate. Why? The lack of square footage doesn’t necessarily mesh well with new trends in furniture or even classic pieces. As a result, you have to be smart when putting together a room in order to create a balance between organization and style.


  • Go light. Choose light hues or neutrals for the furniture in an apartment. They expand the size of a room. These colors also make an area appear fluid and, fortunately, you can pick from a large palette ranging from white to brown.
  • Double-up functions. In an apartment, one piece of furniture should serve as two. Purchase coffee tables with extra storage or the capacity to act as an eating area. The same goes for seating. This approach helps deter a natural inclination to ‘stuff’ a room for the sake of function.
  • Keep everything to scale. In other words, don’t decorate your apartment with furniture pieces that overwhelm or under whelm a room. Get items that fit. Your furniture should stand out only because of its beauty, not unusual height or size compared to the dimensions of the area.
  • Angle items, if necessary. To add walking space or flare in an apartment, angle a piece of furniture. These items are usually the bigger ones like chairs or couches. Placement in this manner also frees up wall that might work well with a large arrangement of photos.
  • Layer accessories. Enhance the furniture in an apartment by layering them with accessories. Pillows and throw blankets give texture to a piece making something ordinary fabulous. Accessories can vary in size from small to large. They should be unique and draw attention to the eye.

In conclusion, if you dwell in an apartment, use the above tips for furniture color, selection and arrangement. They aide in turning a small place into something exciting and worth hosting parties and other social gatherings in. For more information on the subject of apartments, visit or contact a representative of Wood Partners.

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Preparing to Host Thanksgiving in Your Apartment


It is time to start preparing for the upcoming Holiday season. The first event to start planning for is Thanksgiving. Hosting it at your own residence is a fantastic way of ensuring a memorable event. You will be able to control who you invite and prepare a menu including your favorite dishes. If you are living in an apartment you will want to consider how best to host this major holiday. Often space and seating are a concern but any potential issues can be overcome with advance planning.

Seating Options

Once you have decided who you want to invite, you will have an idea of how many people will be attending. Ideally everyone will be able to sit together but in many homes that is just not possible. Tips to provide the best possible seating include:

  • Consider serving Thanksgiving dinner in a room that is not typically a place you would eat if it provides the amount of space you need.
  • Rearrange furniture to allow additional room.
  • Consider removing and storing coffee tables and other furniture pieces that you won’t need for the duration of the event. This may be enough to give you the extra space you need.
  • If guests will be divided into different locations for the meal consider rearranging the seating assignments when dessert is served so guests have a chance to visit with everyone throughout the evening.

Borrow Furniture

If you don’t have enough seats to accommodate all of the guests, considering borrowing. Ask your guests if they can bring folding chairs and/or a folding table. If you buy additional tables and chairs you will need to find a place to store them until a future need arises. Unless you plan to host large groups frequently this is often inconvenient. Therefore it is best to just borrow or even rent what you need for the day.

Decorate Without Sacrificing Space

If space is limited, you will obviously want to select decorations that do not reduce your space even further. Consider using seasonal table clothes and placemats. Napkin rings are a nice touch that don’t add bulk to the table. Instead of a large flower arrangement as a centerpiece select something that won’t take up valuable room like candles. By decorating your table in this way you will give the entire event the appropriate Holiday feel. In addition, hang a Thanksgiving wreath on the door to provide a nice welcome for guests.

Hosting a major holiday, like Thanksgiving, is not only possible in an apartment but can be fun. Following the above tips will help you plan a memorable event. Contact us for additional apartment living tips!

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Decorating an Apartment for Halloween



Decorations can be a fun way to get into the feel of the season. If you live in an apartment you can decorate for holidays just as a home owner does. Consider the following options for decorating your apartment for Halloween.

Window Decals

Typically only a few dollars, themed window decals can really add a Halloween feel to your apartment. Whether you select spooky or cute halloween decals it will be fun to put them on your windows and easy to remove them when November arrives. Consider changing out the window decals every month to coordinate with each upcoming holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, etc).

Coasters and Curtains

If your apartment is a little tight on space you may not want to try to incorporate large Halloween decorations. You can still get in the spirit by replacing items that you already would have out with Halloween themed ones. For example, replace your regular curtains with black curtains. Look for pumpkin coasters to set out. Halloween themed hand towels can be hung in the bathrooms and kitchen. Purchase placemats with a fall image for your table. None of these items take up additional floor space but they will all put you in the Halloween spirit.


You may not want to carve a giant pumpkin but consider small decorations that represent traditional Halloween items. For example, buy a pie pumpkin instead of a giant one and put it on display somewhere in your apartment. A gourd or Indian corn can be set on a bookcase shelf or coffee table as a decoration. Use cotton pillow stuffing to make cobwebs appear around your curtains.

Enjoy decorating your apartment for Halloween! You will enjoy the holiday more when your apartment reflects the season. Contact us for additional apartment living tips.

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Small-Space Decor Inspiration, Perfect for Apartments


Although some “apartments” would be better labeled “penthouses” or simply “the top floor of the building,” most apartment dwellers are accustomed to making the most of diminutive spaces. Whether you’re moving in to a new place or refreshing your current one, here is our favorite apartment decor inspiration we’ve discovered on Pinterest.

  1. In a unit with an open-floor plan, separate your bedroom from the rest of the apartment with a separator that doubles as a spot to mount a flat-screen T.V.
  2. If you have an attic or another oddly-shaped space, turn it into a bonus closet or storeroom.
  3. A small living room can be transformed into a cozy spot worthy of epic movie marathons with comfortable furniture and touches of unique decor.
  4. Easily turn a closet into a chic, personal workstation.
  5. A dining area can be utilized as a place to write notes and messages and display artwork with the help of a wall covered in chalkboard paint.
  6. Go onward and upwards with a bookshelf instead of devoting a large space to a traditional shelf.
  7. A narrow living room is the perfect place for intimate conversations and cocktails.
  8. If you have stairs in your apartment, the spot underneath the stairs can be turned into a comfy reading nook.
  9. This image proves that a loft can be chic, stylish, and sophisticated.
  10. If it’s just the two of you in your place, this simple table can take the place of a space-sucking dining room table.

For more inspiration and to see photos of our beautiful apartments, please visit our website or contact us.

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Feng Shui Tips for Finding Apartments for Rent

House for rentWhile sifting through the many apartments for rent, it’s important to find ones that meet certain feng-shui criteria. Feng shui, known as the Chinese art of placement, isn’t a hocus-pocus decorating philosophy as much as a practical guide for improving the organization, flow and mood of residents and guests.

Whether you are on an apartment hunt or already settled in an apartment, there are ways to improve safety and lighting in the home as well as discover the best use of space.

  • Creating an inviting yet safe entryway

Personal safety is a big factor of feng shui, which encourages people to arrange furniture so you never have your back to a door. In terms of the entry-way to an apartment building, it’s important that it be well lit. You can make the entryway to your individual apartment unit inviting with a wreath on the door and a welcome mat. Be creative and add your own personal touch.

  • Choosing a higher floor

Although there are advantages for some people to live on a lower apartment level, some apartments for rentfeature balconies with serene views. Avoid a unit that is too close to the stairs or elevator for a quieter existence. If you do pick a unit on the first floor, choose one with a view of water, trees or nature instead of the parking lot. A screened-in porch is always a plus, but if that’s not possible a feng-shui remedy is to bring in plants such as bamboo or a tabletop fountain.

  • Working with the layout

In feng shui, different areas of a home or apartment are best suited for different uses. When through apartments for rent, choose ones that have a lot of flexible spaces or rooms that can be used for different purposes. For example, a bedroom in the South or North area of the home could be used as a home office since South represents fame and reputation and North represents career.

For more information on finding the best apartment to fit your specific needs, contact us.