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Apartment Rental Upgrades that You Can Take With You

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Room screen

Your luxury Wood Partners apartment rental will provide comfortable quarters and come with every amenity that you may need. However, as much as you make yourself at home there, it can never be completely yours because you cannot customize it. Your agreement with the property managers prevents you from making permanent changes. Fortunately, you can still make temporary upgrades that you’ll love. When your lease is up, you can take the following improvements with you. 

Add a Fireplace

Who doesn’t love the crackling glow and warmth of a fireplace, especially on a cold day? Whether your apartment already comes with this amenity is irrelevant. Ethanol fireplaces can go anywhere without the time-consuming and expensive conversion needed by a wood-burning or gas variety. Because ethanol burns cleanly, it does not need any venting. So you can put a small version on a tabletop or coffee table or hang a steel wall-mounted firebox on the wall. Consider making one a focal point in your bedroom or bath. 

Power the Shower

Turn your shower into a spa by replacing the shower heads with versions that include massage functions. Some kits even include an adjustable arm, so you can place the head higher or lower without altering the original plumbing. If you’re not handy with plumbing tools, ask the handyman of the complex to make the change for you. Don’t forget to keep the original shower fixture in a safe place so you can restore it when your lease is up. 

Add Architectural Detail

Your new apartment interior may not have the antique architectural detail that you love, so why not add your own? Antique doors, window shutters, garden gates, and medallions are readily available from salvage yards and vintage shops. Lighter details can hang from the walls or sit on shelves. Heavier constructions can be put on the floor and leaned up against a wall. 

Put Up Paint or Wallpaper Panels

Home rental walls use neutral colors to appeal to the widest range of renters and to fit in with different decorating styles. If you prefer bold wall colors or flashy wallpapers, you won’t be able to paint any permanent surface in your desired shade or hang paper. Instead, stop by an art store to buy enough large blank canvasses to fill a wall. Either paint these canvases in your the color you want or cover them with your favorite wallpaper patterns. Then hang these canvasses next to each other on a blank wall to form a combined accent. 

Divide Wide Open Spaces

Modern living typically favors open floor plans to increase spaciousness and ease traffic flow. However, if you prefer cozier spaces, perhaps organized by function, you can use wooden or upholstered screens as dividers. If you’re trying to block off a hallway or narrower area, put a tension rod at the top and hang a curtain or fabric from the rod. If you’re throwing a large party or otherwise accommodating a bigger crowd, you can always take down these dividers to allow for better guest movement. 

Brighten the Night

The obvious way to improve lighting is to add table and floor lamps, which take up space. To add evening sparkle that doesn’t take up room, add light strings, which you may be more familiar to you as Christmas lights. Buy LED versions, which use up little electricity and do not generate heat. Rely on small nails or tacks to hang the strings in dark corners or from walls, drape the lights around furniture or place the sparkle around towel bars, curtain rods or stair rails. Look for strings with built-in switches so you can easily switch them off or on.

If you would like more information about improving an apartment, or would like to find one of your own, please contact us.


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