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How to Streamline Moving Into a New Apartment

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Moving into a new apartment

When looking for apartments for rent, it can be disheartening to figure out the move-in procedure. The basic idea seems so easy: just move all your stuff in and start living. However, it’s rarely as simple as that and new apartment residents often run into serious problems that slow down the process.

We at Wood Partners see this issue haunt way too many apartment hunters. So, we’ve decided to do something about it by offering you these great apartment move-in tips. We’ll walk you through the basic process, including planning, cleaning, stocking, and setting up the apartment utilities. 

Plan Ahead

Start by calculating your move at least six to eight weeks in advance. After all, there are lots of variables you need to consider when moving into a new apartment, variables which include:

  • Hiring a Moving Service
  • Calculating Move Cost
  • Setting Up Change of Address Forms
  • Notifying Current Landlord
  • Boxing Up Items
  • Giving Away Items You Don’t Need
  • Updating Driver’s License and Car Tags (As Necessary)

While it may be somewhat stressful to start fretting over moving so early, creating a plan two months in advance will help the moving process move like clockwork. 

Start With Just the Essentials

When stocking your new apartment, it’s tempting to go overboard and buy way too much stuff. As a result, you may end up cluttering your hallways with excessive items.

That’s why you should make an apartment essentials checklist and purchase only the items you truly need. Stock your apartment with items like:

  • Beds for Every Resident
  • Dinner Table
  • One Chair for Each Resident
  • Sheets for Beds
  • Blankets
  • Plates
  • Clothes
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Enough Food for a Week

Once you have these bare essentials down, you can focus on decorative items and any other non-essential items that may catch your fancy. 

Unpacking Order

When it comes time to settle into your new apartment, you need to unpack your items in a particular order. Focus on getting your perishable food items in the fridge first, to avoid spoilage.

Next, get your toiletries in the bathroom. After all, if you have to take a bathroom break while you’re unpacking, nothing will be more awkward then desperately searching for your toilet paper and hand soap.

Other items to consider unpacking include:

  • Important Apartment Paperwork
  • Dishes
  • Cooking Items
  • Towels and Wash Rags
  • Shower Curtains
  • Non-Perishable Food

You may also want to unpack items that can be damaged by excessive heat or cold, such as electronics. Save non-essential items, such as books, for last. 

Setting Up Utilities

Before finally settling down to live in your new apartment, you need to set up your utilities. Talk to your property manager about what utilities you’ll be paying and set out to put these new services into your name.

Find out what company provides these services and talk to them at least a week before you move in to your apartment. Basic utilities, such as electric, heat, and water need to be considered alongside non-essential utilities such as:

  • Telephone Land Line
  • Cable
  • Internet Connection

Setting up basic utilities is usually pretty easy, but make sure to set aside at least a week waiting for them to get installed. You may even have to take a day off work waiting for the cable guy to show up between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

If you need more apartment move-in tips, don’t hesitate to contact us. We at Wood Partners have years of experience helping people find the apartment of their dreams. Not only will be help you find an apartment, but we’ll make moving in as easy as possible.


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