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22 Terrific Decorating Ideas for Small Apartment Rentals (Part I)

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Decorating ideas for small apartments

You’ve finally found a new apartment that you like. Congratulations! However, it’s smaller than you’d like it to be. But don’t despair—you can still make it homey. In this first part, we’ll explore eleven of these invigorating ideas.

A Paint Alternative

You don’t have to be surrounded by a boring white palette all the time if your new landlord doesn’t permit painting the walls. Painting your furniture—like a nightstand, end table or bed frame—can equally add that “wow factor” to a room.

Create a Gallery Display

To exhibit your assortment of collectables try utilizing floating shelves. Using plain shelves will allow you to rotate your items because these shelves will match with almost everything; this enables you to leave the shelves where they are and not put holes all over walls of your apartment. Staggering the shelves gives you a distinct look as well.

Say “Welcome” to Open Storage

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space, a metal industrial shelving unit will work wonders. You’ll feel like one of those Master Chefs with the trendy metal touches on the shelving unit. You could also purchase some wicker baskets to place on the shelves and keep your snacks, herbal tea, fresh fruits or spices.

Give Your Windows Style

Those mini blinds that are standard for some apartments aren’t very practical and give your place an office-type feel. Do you really want your dwelling to feel like an office? Pretty drapes or curtains won’t just brighten a room, they’ll supply you with privacy; best of all, curtains and drapes will insulate your apartment from the sun in the summer and cold during the winter. Putting up curtains or drapes won’t take long—it’s something you can easily do in one day.

Work around It

If the colors in your kitchen or bathroom make you recoil, the best thing to do is choose a color you do like and make that hue the key room color. For example, if your kitchen is yellow, select items that are a shade of green with a hint of yellow in it; this lets the yellow retreat and the accents pop. Likewise, if your bathroom tile is powder blue, blue-green shaded accents will work well.

Personal Touches

Give your entryway a bit of flair with a custom-made tray. Purchase any metal tray and make it your own by painting it or stenciling a simple design on it. The beautifully designed tray makes a great place to put your car keys, sunglasses or outgoing mail. 

Cover Your Floors

If your apartment’s flooring doesn’t go with the style of your furniture, an area rug can help mask the problem nicely. Depending on the size of your room, you might not need an over-sized area rug; they’re available in a wide variety of sizes colors so you can select one that’ll match well with your décor.

Mirror, Mirror

A marvelous technique that interior decorators use for small rooms is to hang a big mirror across from a window. Make sure to place the mirror in the best position to be able to bounce the sunlight back into the room. The mirror will make your room feel larger in addition to brighter.

Design an Entryway

Your new apartment is devoid of a coat closet or entryway, but you can solve the problem by inventing your own using a bookcase. Take away the upper and middle shelves in the bookcase and put in hooks along the back wall to hang jackets; put up a couple of hooks on each side of the bookcase for storing umbrellas. On one of the bottom shelves, fit small storage drawers and totes to hold sunglasses, gloves and other outdoor accessories; the other bottom shelf can be used for boots and shoes.

Chic, Comfy Dining

If you make a few small changes, you can make a small dining room suitable for entertaining. Set a glass-top table in the space or use clear chairs with your table; either of these things will make the dining area appear larger. If your dining space has a chandelier, it may be possible to put shades over the bare bulbs; this will give the room a softer glow. If the space doesn’t have a chandelier, you can alter the lighting by setting small lamps on a slim console or affixing plug-in sconces to the wall.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Make nightstands or coffee tables by using colorful garden stools. You’ll find that these light stools are more convenient to move into your apartment rather than a heavy table; they can also be moved around to different rooms quite easily.

Join us for part two when we discuss the other amazing decorating tips. You can also contact us for to find out more about Wood Partners’ upscale apartment communities.




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