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How to Be a Good Neighbor after You Move into a Wood Partners Apartment

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How to be a good neighbor

Living in a luxurious apartment in a building managed by Wood Partners offers many advantages over owning a home, including not having to spend money on maintenance. Despite the carefree lifestyle apartment living affords, living among new neighbors comes with its share of challenges. This is especially true when you have lived in a private home for several years. The best way to ensure that the adjustment goes smoothly is to follow a few common sense etiquette rules.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

One of the distinct advantages of living in a Wood Partners property is that we rent only luxurious apartments. This means that the neighbors in your building likely come from a similar socioeconomic background and have interests that are similar to yours.

When you first move in, make sure you are friendly to everyone you meet. Smile when greeting others and make it a point to learn their names. While you don’t have to make friends with every other tenant, building a level of friendliness and trust makes a better living experience for all.

Remember That Noise Travels

If you live on the second floor or above, keep in mind that your floor is someone else’s ceiling. One simple way to keep their distractions to a minimum is to wear only socks or slippers when you’re at home. Also, before you make any loud noise, ask yourself if it is necessary and considerate of your neighbors.

When entering and exiting the building or your apartment, take a few extra seconds to make sure that you shut the door softly rather than slamming it. It’s also important to remember that voices carry easily. If you live with someone else, talk on the phone a lot, or know that you have a loud voice, make a conscious effort to lower your volume. Your neighbors will appreciate it.

Laundry Room Etiquette

If your building has a communal laundry room, there are several things you can do to make this everyday chore more pleasant for everyone. This starts by keeping a close eye on the washer and dryer while you’re doing a load of laundry. You don’t have to remain in the laundry room the entire time, but know the timing of the cycles so you can promptly remove your clothes. That way you aren’t preventing someone else from getting started on their laundry because your clothes are sitting in the washer or dryer already done.

Be sure to clean up after yourself when you are done in the laundry room. This includes cleaning the lint trap on the dryer and making sure that you take all of your clothes with you. While you are welcome to sort and fold your clothes in the laundry room, you would probably be more comfortable doing so in your apartment.

Observe Parking Rules

To avoid problems with your neighbors, make sure that you park in your assigned spot and that your car doesn’t go over the lines into someone else’s space. You are also responsible for making sure that anyone visiting you parks only in spots reserved for guests.

Ready to Make the Move?

Now that you know all about being a good apartment neighbor, the next step is to contact us to schedule a tour. In addition to offering luxurious apartment living, our properties are located in close proximity to shopping malls, grocery stores, and several types of recreational areas to enjoy in your downtime. We look forward to introducing you to your next home.


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