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7 Tricks for Better Apartment Living with Wood Partners

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Alta Scottsdale KitchenMany people associate living in an apartment with their student days.  Remember when you shared an apartment with a roommate or two?  Each one of you had your own stuff in your room and the living room was probably a mishmash of everyone’s different tastes.  However, apartment living doesn’t have to be like this,especially if you get a luxury apartment with Wood Partners.  An apartment can be as well-decorated, spacious and even more convenient than a house.  You just have to adjust your frame of mind and start thinking in terms of apartment living.  Here are 10 great tricks to help you do so:

  1. Space.  Even luxury  apartments are spacious, they are still going to be a little smaller than houses.  So they need to be decorated in a way that emphasizes space.  Go for smaller pieces of furniture that are nonetheless comfortable and don’t load your home with knick-knacks that might easily fall off their perches.  For more tips, check out Forbes’ article on organizing smaller homes to create space.
  2. Light.  Another great way to emphasize the space in your apartment is to make sure that you let in a lot of light.  You can’t change your window-size but you can buy translucent curtains or adjustable window shades.  Bamboo blinds which can be rolled up halfway create a lazy, tropical atmosphere in your apartment.  If your apartment is located on a higher floor, make sure you take advantage of your view whenever possible as this can be quite inspiring and mentally rejuvenating.
  3. Getting to know your neighbors.  In an article for Huffington Post, Stanley Ely write about how it’s possible to get to know your neighbors, even if you live in an urban area.  A lot of people are afraid that if they make an effort to get to know their neighbors, they’ll have to stop to socialize with them or talk to them all the time.  This doesn’t have to be true.  You can invite your neighbors over for dinner or coffee when you move in and then talk to them occasionally when you see them.  It’s always nice to know who lives next to  you, for safety reasons and also to create a sense of community.
  4. Organization.  When you’re living in an apartment, organization is important, perhaps more so than in a house.  You’re not going to have an attic or a garage to put your extra things.  So it’s a good idea to keep pruning your belongings every three months or so.  If you have the time, you can even do this every month.  Go through your books, clothes and other things to see if there’s anything you feel like you’re not going to use.  Also remember to throw out old magazines, newspapers etc.
  5. Luxury touches.  Everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible at home.  So you need to think about what will make you feel that way.  Would  you like a sauna installed in your bathroom?  Do you want to make that spare room into a personal gym?  Or would you like to set up a home office or library there?  These aren’t things that are, strictly speaking, necessary for your home but if you tend to use them a lot, it will make you happy to have them within your apartment.
  6. Rooms with many uses.  Another great way to make the best use of the space you have is to use the same room for more than one thing.  Custom Home gives some great examples of breakfast rooms that can be used for various functions besides eating, such as reading or doing homework.  Your library can also become a home office.   Even your bedroom can serve as a study during the day.  This saves space without making you feel cramped.
  7. Exploring your community.  When you move into a new neighborhood, you need to feel comfortable in your apartment as well as your area.  So it’s good to get out and explore the cafes, restaurants and shopping available around you.  Everyone likes to have a favorite spot or two where they can become regulars.  So hopefully you’ll find a Mexican restaurant you love or a coffee shop where they will get to know your order before you place it.

Contact us for more great tips for apartment living.


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