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Apartment Friendly Pets

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Apartment friendly pets

After all the research and all the searching, you’ve finally found a home with Wood Partners and have moved into your new apartment. The furniture and decorations are all put in their places, the kitchen and bathroom are organized, and it almost feels like home…


You sit down to eat your first home cooked meal, and it dawns on you what’s missing. A pet! A wonderful creature who you can look forward to coming home to. The best roommate because they never eat your food, leave dirty dishes in the sink, or stay up too late playing music too loud. But which critter from the animal kingdom is the best match for you and your new apartment?

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your new apartment complex is indeed pet friendly. Read your lease or ask the leasing office for any required fees and restrictions. Next you’ll need to consider, size. Obviously a horse would not make a very good pet for an apartment renter. Neither would a Great Dane, a tiger, or an eagle (they’re illegal to have as pets anyway).

It may seem discouraging, but at Wood Partners we know how having a pet can improve your quality of life. Ranging from four legs to none, we have put together a small diverse list of pets that are apartment friendly.


A small-to-medium canine pal is a great way to go. You will need to put in time house training them which could take as little as two weeks. They should be fed twice a day and if you don’t use puppy pads, let out to potty at least three times a day. Gate off a part of the apartment when you are away, or have a crate handy. They will need plenty of attention and play time, so if you have a demanding schedule this may not be your number one choice.


Having a kitty as a pet is pretty low maintenance. There is very little potty training time – simply show your feline friend where the litter box is kept. Cats need stimulation and exercise. Provide a few toys to get their imaginations going and you’ll be all set. It’s also a good idea to have some place warm for them to sunbathe. One word of caution: your carpet and furniture are at risk. Provide Mr. Kitty with a place to flex his claws to avoid destroyed furniture and carpet-replacement costs when you move out.


You need a cage, a place to put it, and a blanket to cover it at night. Birds also are little hassle. You can keep food and water in the cage, they will only eat when they are hungry.


Ferrets are highly intelligent and just as curious. They need lots of interaction and training to become properly socialized. Once they are, ferrets bond with their owners. But keep a close eye on them when they are out of their cage. Their natural curiosity can lead them to explore places in your apartment they don’t belong.

As far as their cage, the bigger the better. They drink a lot so their water supply must be replenished often. Blankets to burrow under, and toys to play with are a must. They also use litter boxes just like cats, and require a diet high in protein and fat.

Guinea Pig

These cuties are best in pairs because they are very sociable, and will bond with their owner as well as their play pal. You’ll need a large cage so they have room to play. They need vitamin C added to their diet. Feeding them vegetables high in vitamin C in conjunction with a guinea pig pellet should be all you need.

They can seem timid at first, but are easily trained. They do make a small “weeking” sound, but it shouldn’t be enough to bother neighbors. They can be active day and night, so keeping their cage in your bedroom deserves a second thought.


Only needing to be fed every one to two weeks and having their bedding changed, snakes are extremely low maintenance. They have been know to respond to their owner’s voice, and can be down right friendly if you interact with them regularly. Just be wary of letting them slither around the apartment as they can fit into very small spaces never to found.


From a small fish bowl to a 50 gallon aquarium, you can find the right size tank for your new apartment. Maintenance is as simple as a little sprinkle of food once a day and tank cleaning once or twice a week. Please remember to keep the lid on, some fish are known to jump out of their tank.

Whether you go for warm or cold-blooded friends, furry or feathery or scaly companionship, there’s the perfect pet out there waiting to call your new apartment home. Contact us today to learn more.


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