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Tips For Your Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Nothing is better than being able to go outside again when spring comes, and nothing is more disheartening then taking a look around your living space and realizing that it’s time to do some serious spring cleaning. If you want to go green while you’re cleaning up your place these simple green living tips can be lifesavers.

Baking Soda Is Your Friend

Do you find yourself constantly spraying air freshener around your place? Do you ever stop and ask what chemicals you’re breathing in when you do that? Instead of spraying the air with things you probably shouldn’t be breathing in the first place try putting out baking soda. It absorbs bad smells, especially in cramped areas, and it can keep your fridge smelling fine without spraying harmful chemicals into the places you keep your food. Not only that but if you rub some baking soda into your chopping block or onto your counters it can absorb those bad smells that linger in your kitchen.

Consider Going Really Green

Have you ever noticed how stuffy the air can get inside? That’s because you’ve got so many different things clogging up your atmosphere. If you want cleaner, more breathable air consider bringing in some greenery of your own. According to this source rubber plants, English ivy, and spider plants are great interior air filters, and they’re also simple to care for.

Avoid Using Paper Towels Whenever You Can

Paper towels are one of the most convenient things in the world for cleaning your home, but have you ever stopped to ask what price that convenience comes at? To reduce the amount of waste you’re creating consider using more cleaning cloths, rags, or even sponges. The former two options can be washed when clean up is done, and the latter can be put in the microwave to kill germs and bacteria. If you really must keep paper towels on hand though, try to opt for ones made using recycled content.

Re-Use and Recycle

Spring cleaning always comes with the inevitable pile of stuff you’re going to get rid of. Coats that don’t fit, old kitchen gadgets that are just taking up space, that pair of slippers you got replaced at Christmas, etc. Before just tossing everything in the garbage see if you know someone who could use it, or failing that if there’s a charity that would take your donation. By re-using these items and giving them to new owners you’re helping to keep them out of landfills, but you’re also becoming part of the community that gives items a new lease on life. If there are items that can’t be re-used, like broken cell phones or dented aluminum trash cans then you need to be sure these items find their way into the appropriate recycling container.

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