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Simple Green Living Steps Everyone Can Take

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Turn off the lightsGreen living is a lot like getting 6-pack abs; you know in your head that everyone can do it but it seems like an impossible goal from where you are now. Green living, just like getting a better physique, isn’t something you just accomplish overnight though; it’s a series of small steps you take to change your life gradually.

If you’re looking to leave a smaller impact on the environment, use less energy, and overall live a cleaner, greener life then here are some simple changes you can make today.

Change #1: Turn It Off When You’re Not Using It

This seems obvious, but with all the technology in your house right now it’s practically guaranteed you left something on at home. We all know to turn the lights off when we’re not in the room, or to shut off the TV, but what about your computer? How often do you just leave it plugged in and running when you walk out the door or go to bed? The light on your phone charger or on your TV is drawing power as well, which is why it’s a good idea to use a power strip to save serious energy.

Change #2: Upgrade Your Technology

While it might seem counter-productive to buy a new TV, computer, smartphone, or iPod you need to look at the battery life and energy consumption of your current device versus what a newer device would use. If you have a newer device you won’t notice much, but the difference between a really old PC and a brand-new laptop, or a blocky phone with a bad battery and a brand new smartphone is going to be quite noticeable. Make sure that old technology gets recycled, and if your mobile device is having trouble holding a charge consider getting it a new battery so it isn’t sucking up more power than it needs.

Change #3: Telecommute (If You Can)

If all you need to get your job done is a computer and a telephone then you might be able to do your job just as well from home as you can at the office. Talk to your boss and see if you can telecommute at least a few days a week in order to save on the costs of travel. Less gas burned and less money spent is good for everyone, and you’ll get to relax and work from home to recharge your personal batteries.

Change #4: Plant A Tree

While it might not seem like it would do all that much a single tree can absorb tons of carbon throughout its lifetime. Not only that but it can provide shade and comfort, reducing air conditioning bills if it’s put in the right place. Even if you live in an apartment building you can plant a garden, or see about public parks that allow people to come and plant new trees in them.

Going green isn’t always easy, but for more ways you can live a cleaner, greener life all you need to do is contact us today!


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