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Recycling and Re-Using Plastic Shopping Bags

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reduce reuse recycleEveryone knows that plastic shopping bags are public enemy number one when it comes to recycling. While it’s certainly not a bad idea to kick them to the curb and just use a cloth shopping bag for all of your grocery needs, most people already have at least one drawer jam-packed with plastic bags that they don’t know what to do with. If you’re willing to get a little creative there are plenty of plastic bag solutions all around your house.

Knee and Shoe Guards

Have you ever wanted to get some weeding done in your side garden, but you didn’t want dirt all over your pants as well as your hands? Tie a plastic shopping bag around each of your knees and put your green thumb to work. If it’s raining and your shoes just can’t take the damp then just slip a pair of plastic bags over them and start walking. Even if the rest of you is wet by the time you get where you’re going your feet will be just fine.

Instant Shower Cap

Most of us associate shower caps with hotel rooms, and we wonder if anyone actually uses those archaic devices anymore. If you’re one of those people who needs to keep your hair dry in the shower though just put your hair in a plastic shopping bag and tie it closed. It might not be an ideal solution, but it works great in a pinch.

Keep Food Fresher Longer

If you’ve got leftovers that are only going to be good for a few days then consider slipping them into a plastic shopping bag and tying it shut. This will add at least a few days to the food, ensuring that you have plenty of time to finish what you started.

Keep Your Cooler Dry

Whether you’re putting an ice pack in your lunch box or into a cooler for a road trip, wrap the packs in a plastic bag. This will stop the build up of condensation, ensuring that you don’t have a layer of water sloshing around in the bottom of your lunch pail throughout the work day.

Handle With Care

If you’re mailing presents to friends and family (particularly around the holidays) there’s no need to buy packing peanuts. Simply fill in all the extra space in the package with plastic shopping bags. This will cushion what you’re mailing, and take up all that extra space while still putting these bags to good use.

Give Them To A Good Home

Some stores will accept their own bags back to be recycled, though that’s not always the case. If you really want to give these plastic bags a second life check with local re-sale shops and thrift stores to see if they’ll accept these bags to use for their own customers. In this way plastic bags can be used again and again until they’re finally out of carrying capacity. At that point it’s best to turn them over the recyclers to be melted down and remade into something new.

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