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Apartment Dweller? Tips for Furniture Color, Selection and Arrangement

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Alta City West

Alta City West in Houston

Apartments are typically a challenge to decorate. Why? The lack of square footage doesn’t necessarily mesh well with new trends in furniture or even classic pieces. As a result, you have to be smart when putting together a room in order to create a balance between organization and style.


  • Go light. Choose light hues or neutrals for the furniture in an apartment. They expand the size of a room. These colors also make an area appear fluid and, fortunately, you can pick from a large palette ranging from white to brown.
  • Double-up functions. In an apartment, one piece of furniture should serve as two. Purchase coffee tables with extra storage or the capacity to act as an eating area. The same goes for seating. This approach helps deter a natural inclination to ‘stuff’ a room for the sake of function.
  • Keep everything to scale. In other words, don’t decorate your apartment with furniture pieces that overwhelm or under whelm a room. Get items that fit. Your furniture should stand out only because of its beauty, not unusual height or size compared to the dimensions of the area.
  • Angle items, if necessary. To add walking space or flare in an apartment, angle a piece of furniture. These items are usually the bigger ones like chairs or couches. Placement in this manner also frees up wall that might work well with a large arrangement of photos.
  • Layer accessories. Enhance the furniture in an apartment by layering them with accessories. Pillows and throw blankets give texture to a piece making something ordinary fabulous. Accessories can vary in size from small to large. They should be unique and draw attention to the eye.

In conclusion, if you dwell in an apartment, use the above tips for furniture color, selection and arrangement. They aide in turning a small place into something exciting and worth hosting parties and other social gatherings in. For more information on the subject of apartments, visit or contact a representative of Wood Partners.


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