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4 Green Living Tips For Apartments

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indoor plant

It isn’t easy to make positive green living decisions when you live in an apartment. As a renter you don’t have the ability to make construction decisions, or to install Energy Star appliances much less to put solar panels on your roof. However, if you want to live an eco-friendly apartment dwelling life there are still steps you can take.

Pay Attention To Your Windows

While natural daylight is a great way to not burn electricity, windows are also an unfortunate source of heat loss. That’s why when winter comes it’s a good idea to put shrink wrap over older windows, and to make sure you have a set of insulating blackout curtains. While the shrink wrap will need to be taken off for warmer weather, the blackout curtains will also help keep the heat of the day out if you keep them pulled. This will help reduce your need for artificial heating and air conditioning.

Keep Your Fridge Clean and Stocked

Everyone knows that keeping your refrigerator and freezer doors closed as often as possible will reduce the amount of electricity the appliance uses. What you might not know is cleaning the dust, dirt, and build up of ice in your unit can help it run more smoothly and while using less power. Not only that but if you keep your fridge and freezer stocked it uses less power to keep everything cold because there’s so much less empty space that has to be kept cool.

Get Some Plants

While hanging a plant or two in your house might seem like missing the forest for the trees, it’s actually a really good idea. Houseplants freshen up your air at no cost to you, and what’s more then can actually keep a place cooler by acting as small, green heat sinks. You will need to make sure the house doesn’t get too cold for them, but indoor plants can be a life saver for a green apartment.

Buy Recycled Products

It seems like a no-brainer, but in addition to recycling glass, cans, and plastic it’s important for consumers to purchase materials made from recycled content. Whether it’s napkins or toilet paper, glassware or bottles it’s important to put your money where your mouth is and to make a statement to retailers that you want more products made with post-consumer recycled material. Just check on the packaging, it will tell you what percentage of the product used to be something else.

For even more green living tips for your home contact us today!


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