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Preparing to Host Thanksgiving in Your Apartment

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It is time to start preparing for the upcoming Holiday season. The first event to start planning for is Thanksgiving. Hosting it at your own residence is a fantastic way of ensuring a memorable event. You will be able to control who you invite and prepare a menu including your favorite dishes. If you are living in an apartment you will want to consider how best to host this major holiday. Often space and seating are a concern but any potential issues can be overcome with advance planning.

Seating Options

Once you have decided who you want to invite, you will have an idea of how many people will be attending. Ideally everyone will be able to sit together but in many homes that is just not possible. Tips to provide the best possible seating include:

  • Consider serving Thanksgiving dinner in a room that is not typically a place you would eat if it provides the amount of space you need.
  • Rearrange furniture to allow additional room.
  • Consider removing and storing coffee tables and other furniture pieces that you won’t need for the duration of the event. This may be enough to give you the extra space you need.
  • If guests will be divided into different locations for the meal consider rearranging the seating assignments when dessert is served so guests have a chance to visit with everyone throughout the evening.

Borrow Furniture

If you don’t have enough seats to accommodate all of the guests, considering borrowing. Ask your guests if they can bring folding chairs and/or a folding table. If you buy additional tables and chairs you will need to find a place to store them until a future need arises. Unless you plan to host large groups frequently this is often inconvenient. Therefore it is best to just borrow or even rent what you need for the day.

Decorate Without Sacrificing Space

If space is limited, you will obviously want to select decorations that do not reduce your space even further. Consider using seasonal table clothes and placemats. Napkin rings are a nice touch that don’t add bulk to the table. Instead of a large flower arrangement as a centerpiece select something that won’t take up valuable room like candles. By decorating your table in this way you will give the entire event the appropriate Holiday feel. In addition, hang a Thanksgiving wreath on the door to provide a nice welcome for guests.

Hosting a major holiday, like Thanksgiving, is not only possible in an apartment but can be fun. Following the above tips will help you plan a memorable event. Contact us for additional apartment living tips!


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