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5 Green Living Life Hacks

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energy saving tipsEveryone wants to help the environment and leave a smaller carbon footprint behind, but living green takes time and hard work. Or, for those who really want their homes to be green homes, all it takes is a few simple life hacks. Check out the 5 methods below, and you’ll be amazed you never thought of them before.

#5: Greener and Cleaner Homes (Using Stuff You Have in The Kitchen)

For those who want to be greener at home while saving money there’s no need to look any further than what you use to clean with. White vinegar in a 50/50 solution can do everything from clean up bathroom spots and kitchen stains to killing bad smells. Using some lemon juice can also help get rid of tough stains, and it will leave behind a clean, citrus smell. Click here for some great cleaner recipes that will cost pennies when compared with chemical cleaners.

#4: Avoid Vampire Energy

Have you ever noticed that your phone charger has a green light on it? Or that your television has a bank of red lights even when it’s off? That takes power, and a lot more than you might think. While plugging and unplugging your household electronics might seem time consuming the savings to you and the amount of electricity you’ll save is worth the effort. Using less power is perhaps the easiest way for everyone to help the environment.

#3: Keep Your Freezer Filled

If you have a lot of stuff in your freezer it will actually take less energy to keep it all cold. So if you’re worried about stocking up, don’t be. Keep your freezer filled and you’ll use less energy. Eat at home more often and you’ll likely save money and get healthier portions as well. This is an all-around win.

#2: Hang Your Laundry

Whether you have an industrial-sized washing machine or just a small, under-the-counter one that will wash a pair of jeans and a few shirts at a time, you can save a lot of energy by hanging your laundry up to dry instead of using a dryer. If you have clear days and bright weather you can use your balcony to dry off your clothes (if there isn’t a rule against it) or you can set up a folding whirly-gig in a room you don’t use much. This will end up saving a huge amount of energy, and it will also help your clothes last longer because they aren’t being tumble dried.

#1: Only Heat The Rooms You Use

Heating is one of the biggest expenses in any home, whether it’s a small apartment or a sprawling suburban homestead. During the cold months it’s important to block any drafts (such as by putting folded towels near the base of doors or over windows that let in cold air) to keep heat in the home. If someone has rooms that aren’t being used be sure to close the vents and the doors to those rooms so you aren’t using energy you don’t need to.

For those who want a simple, do-it-yourself space heater all you need is a cake pan, two clay flower pots of different sizes, a bit of aluminum foil, and some tea light candles. Take the smaller flower pot and set it upside down over the pan so that it rests on the pan’s sides. Put a strip of aluminum foil over the hole in the base, and then put the bigger flower pot over the smaller one. Light four tea lights and slide them beneath the smaller flower pot. This simple setup will warm a small to middling size room for several hours, and it can be used over and over again with a few paltry candles. There’s no reason to turn up the furnace, and you can still recline comfortably even if the power goes out.

For more great ways to make your home cleaner and greener, contact us today!


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