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Decorating an Apartment for Halloween

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Decorations can be a fun way to get into the feel of the season. If you live in an apartment you can decorate for holidays just as a home owner does. Consider the following options for decorating your apartment for Halloween.

Window Decals

Typically only a few dollars, themed window decals can really add a Halloween feel to your apartment. Whether you select spooky or cute halloween decals it will be fun to put them on your windows and easy to remove them when November arrives. Consider changing out the window decals every month to coordinate with each upcoming holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, etc).

Coasters and Curtains

If your apartment is a little tight on space you may not want to try to incorporate large Halloween decorations. You can still get in the spirit by replacing items that you already would have out with Halloween themed ones. For example, replace your regular curtains with black curtains. Look for pumpkin coasters to set out. Halloween themed hand towels can be hung in the bathrooms and kitchen. Purchase placemats with a fall image for your table. None of these items take up additional floor space but they will all put you in the Halloween spirit.


You may not want to carve a giant pumpkin but consider small decorations that represent traditional Halloween items. For example, buy a pie pumpkin instead of a giant one and put it on display somewhere in your apartment. A gourd or Indian corn can be set on a bookcase shelf or coffee table as a decoration. Use cotton pillow stuffing to make cobwebs appear around your curtains.

Enjoy decorating your apartment for Halloween! You will enjoy the holiday more when your apartment reflects the season. Contact us for additional apartment living tips.


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