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Small-Space Decor Inspiration, Perfect for Apartments

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Although some “apartments” would be better labeled “penthouses” or simply “the top floor of the building,” most apartment dwellers are accustomed to making the most of diminutive spaces. Whether you’re moving in to a new place or refreshing your current one, here is our favorite apartment decor inspiration we’ve discovered on Pinterest.

  1. In a unit with an open-floor plan, separate your bedroom from the rest of the apartment with a separator that doubles as a spot to mount a flat-screen T.V.
  2. If you have an attic or another oddly-shaped space, turn it into a bonus closet or storeroom.
  3. A small living room can be transformed into a cozy spot worthy of epic movie marathons with comfortable furniture and touches of unique decor.
  4. Easily turn a closet into a chic, personal workstation.
  5. A dining area can be utilized as a place to write notes and messages and display artwork with the help of a wall covered in chalkboard paint.
  6. Go onward and upwards with a bookshelf instead of devoting a large space to a traditional shelf.
  7. A narrow living room is the perfect place for intimate conversations and cocktails.
  8. If you have stairs in your apartment, the spot underneath the stairs can be turned into a comfy reading nook.
  9. This image proves that a loft can be chic, stylish, and sophisticated.
  10. If it’s just the two of you in your place, this simple table can take the place of a space-sucking dining room table.

For more inspiration and to see photos of our beautiful apartments, please visit our website or contact us.


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