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Simple Tips to Achive Green Living

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Green living means you are taking steps that are friendly for the planet. Simple steps can make a big difference in doing the right thing. Consider these tips that are easy and inexpensive (mostly free).


Everyone has heard how important it is to recycle. Did you know that recycling one aluminum can saves the same amount of energy required to power a TV for three hours? So be sure to recycle every possible can, bottle and cardboard item you are done using.

In addition, it is possible to recycle electronics. These need to be kept out of landfills due to the toxic chemicals they contain. Often retailers take electronics for recycling. For example, a cell phone store will likely take old cell phones. A office supply store will likely take printer cartridges. You may even find that your local school takes electronics for recycling as a fundraiser.

If you recieve a package that includes peanuts or bubble wrap try to avoid putting them in the garbage. Bubble wrap is now being made out of recyleable plastics. The styrofoam peanuts will sit in a landfill for centuries without decomposing so it is worthwhile to seek recycling options.  Calling 1-800-828-2214 can help you find a place to bring them for recycling.


Attempt to purchase local items. Not only does it help your local economy but it also reduces the amount of gas needed to transport the item from another state or country. In addition, the packaging requirements are often less for a local item than for one that has to make a cross country trek.

Remember to bring your own bags when shopping instead of using the plastic bags the store provides. If you forget to bring your own bags be sure to recycle the bags you wind up getting with your purchases.

For additional information about apartment living or how to achieve a green lifestyle contact us. Remember, you can make a difference!


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