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5 Ways to Promote Sustainable Homes

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House choice on white background. Isolated 3D imageAs awareness grows towards the importance of sustainable living, sustainable homes have become a primary focus of young couples and families.  Reducing one’s carbon footprint is now attainable through easy and affordable means.  The following article will help you and your family take steps towards easily adjusting your home to fit the “green” lifestyle.


1. Move closer to work: according to the Context Institute, one-third of all car travel is due to commuting. If possible, work from home, and eliminate your commute completely. If you decide to move, let Wood Partners help. We allow your family to live comfortably while sustaining a earth-friendly lifestyle.

2. Ventilate with air-to-air heat exchange: Changing your ventilation to air-to-air provides fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing heating (and cooling) requirements. This ventilation system will save you lots of money in the long run by pre-heating fresh air coming in with waste heat from the “old” air circulating out.

3. Buy Efficient Appliances: with smarter, newer designs, like front-loading washers (they use half the water and detergent of top-loading washers), you will use less water and electricity. You can cut your household energy use by a whopping 13 percent! Fortunately, Wood Partners is already ahead of the game in using the best, most energy-efficient appliances.

4. Service Your Furnace: Just as appliances grow old and inefficient, so does your furnace.  Although cleaning and adjusting your furnace can greatly improve its efficiency, purchasing a newer model can reduce gas emissions.

A gas furnace made in the early 1970s typically has an AFUE of about 65 percent. The lowest efficiency allowed by law for new gas furnaces is 78 percent, and some new models achieve 97 percent–near-total efficiency.

5. Install Low-Flush Toilets: Switching to low-flush toilets will save money and contribute to the low-energy lifestyle. Instead of using 6 gallons per flush, you only use 1.5 gallons.

For more information on low-energy homes, contact us!


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