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Feng Shui Tips for Finding Apartments for Rent

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House for rentWhile sifting through the many apartments for rent, it’s important to find ones that meet certain feng-shui criteria. Feng shui, known as the Chinese art of placement, isn’t a hocus-pocus decorating philosophy as much as a practical guide for improving the organization, flow and mood of residents and guests.

Whether you are on an apartment hunt or already settled in an apartment, there are ways to improve safety and lighting in the home as well as discover the best use of space.

  • Creating an inviting yet safe entryway

Personal safety is a big factor of feng shui, which encourages people to arrange furniture so you never have your back to a door. In terms of the entry-way to an apartment building, it’s important that it be well lit. You can make the entryway to your individual apartment unit inviting with a wreath on the door and a welcome mat. Be creative and add your own personal touch.

  • Choosing a higher floor

Although there are advantages for some people to live on a lower apartment level, some apartments for rentfeature balconies with serene views. Avoid a unit that is too close to the stairs or elevator for a quieter existence. If you do pick a unit on the first floor, choose one with a view of water, trees or nature instead of the parking lot. A screened-in porch is always a plus, but if that’s not possible a feng-shui remedy is to bring in plants such as bamboo or a tabletop fountain.

  • Working with the layout

In feng shui, different areas of a home or apartment are best suited for different uses. When through apartments for rent, choose ones that have a lot of flexible spaces or rooms that can be used for different purposes. For example, a bedroom in the South or North area of the home could be used as a home office since South represents fame and reputation and North represents career.

For more information on finding the best apartment to fit your specific needs, contact us.


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