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Apartments For Rent That Appeal to Generation X

House for rentHousing experts say they are seeing a drop in homeownership among members of Generation X. Burned by the Housing Crash and burned out on the long commute of the suburban lifestyle, many people in their mid-30s to mid-40s are searching for luxury apartments in urban areas. Owning a home doesn’t make as much financial sense anymore. And, it doesn’t always fit the modern lifestyle.

According to a recent article by Yahoo Finance, there has been a boom in apartment construction. Meanwhile, single family home construction is down. Housing analysts had attributed the trend to millennials who are slow to become financially independent. However, now the evidence is pointing to middle-aged former home owners as the ones who are gravitating back to the easy, breezy rental lifestyle.

Some Gen-X’ers haven’t been in the market for an apartment since they moved out of a college dorm and into an apartment with bed sheets for curtains. When searching for apartments for rent, they are more sophisticated now. So, what should a Gen-Xer look for in an apartment community?

  • Built-ins, upgrades and Wi-Fi

Many Gen-X’ers are gravitating toward luxury apartments with high-end features such as gourmet kitchens, oversized closets with built-in organizers and crown molding. Having been homeowners, they are used to having granite countertops, ceramic or wood plank floors. Many luxury apartment builders offer upgrades in units including garden tubs and balconies.

  • Resort-style amenities

After spending years mowing a yard and paying for gym memberships, it’s refreshing for many middle-aged people to be able to enjoy the perks of city living as a renter. They can search for apartments for rent that feature a fitness center, dog run, pool and possibly even meditation room or indoor climate-controlled basketball court.

Gen-X’ers are still in the prime when it comes to career. They will be happier if they select an apartment that is convenient to restaurants, entertainment, retail and major highways. For more information about how Wood Partners can help you find the perfect apartment community for your needs at any stage of life, contact us.


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Five ways to minimize your impact and enjoy sustainable living in an apartment home

House choice on white background. Isolated 3D image

Choosing a green apartment home is the first step to sustainable living. There’s more you can do to reduce your negative impact on the environment, though. These five tips will have you on the way to living the ultimate sustainable life in no time:

  1. Green up the bedroom! Conduct a bit of research before choosing a mattress and box springs. Typical mattresses, made from synthetic foam and fibers, do not biodegrade. Mattress manufacturing is unregulated when it comes to VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and exposure to these chemicals adds up over time. Look for third party certification like Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
  2. Choose organic cotton. This luxurious fabric softens over time, and tends to last longer than synthetic alternatives. Formaldehyde keeps typical bedding and linens wrinkle free and shiny, but who wants to sleep on a bed of chemicals? High thread count sheets may be coated with chemical resin to strengthen fibers, so opt for the more natural alternative and seek out organic cotton pillows, comforters, sheets, throws, and couch pillows.
  3. Use the dishwasher. Newer models are much more efficient than their human counterparts, using just five gallons of water per load. Be sure to choose a phosphate-free detergent and skip the heat-dry setting. It’s best to wait until the dishwasher is at least 75% full before running it to minimize waste.
  4. Skip aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and those flimsy Tupperware dishes. Plastic wrap hangs around the landfill for about 1000 years, and aluminum foil is there for 500 years. Instead, store your leftovers in glass containers. Not only is glass easier to keep clean, it’s also infinitely reusable, microwave safe, and never leaches toxic chemicals into your food.
  5. Install motion sensing LED lights in hallways and walk-in closets. These innovative, energy-efficient light bulbs use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs, and last up to three times longer than CFL’s. As a bonus, LED’s do not contain toxic mercury, like CFL’s, making them easier to recycle.

Converting to a greener lifestyle is always a gradual process. Armed with good information and the will to reduce the negative impact you have on the environment, green living simply becomes second nature.

To learn more about how Wood Partners makes green living easy for our residents, please Contact Us.

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Increasing Acceptance of Apartment Rentals

House for rent

According to a generally-held myth, a “nice home” involves extremely generous square footage as well as an extensive lawn to surround it. Without thinking, most of us would agree.

A moment’s analysis will confirm there will be a tremendous amount of upkeep within this arrangement. Most people who live in such properties today hire help to maintain the residence and the grounds.

In addition, there is often very little interaction between neighbors after the garage door has closed. Residents may live down the street from each for decades and never recognize their neighbors.

While you may not get to know all your neighbors in an apartment rental, you will usually have more social interaction. Most likely you will find a friendly acquaintance at least. You will also be able to rent a place in a better neighborhood than you would be able to buy into.

Times have changed, and continue to do so. A dense population can be much gentler on the environment; residents’ utility bills are lower. A maintenance department takes the personal financial crisis out of a failed air conditioning or plumbing system. Specific green spaces can be enjoyed by many (who are also relieved of the chore of mowing).

Apartment living does not have to mean “temporary.” Apartment living is a necessity in densely populated areas and it is becoming more popular everywhere.

Once, the purchase and care of the home was a paramount budget item. Today you might rather lease a BMW or travel or just plain save money. Apartment living keeps one more financially flexible to participate in a world of options beyond the 30-year mortgage. Contact us for detailed information.

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Feng Shui Tips for Finding Apartments for Rent

House for rentWhile sifting through the many apartments for rent, it’s important to find ones that meet certain feng-shui criteria. Feng shui, known as the Chinese art of placement, isn’t a hocus-pocus decorating philosophy as much as a practical guide for improving the organization, flow and mood of residents and guests.

Whether you are on an apartment hunt or already settled in an apartment, there are ways to improve safety and lighting in the home as well as discover the best use of space.

  • Creating an inviting yet safe entryway

Personal safety is a big factor of feng shui, which encourages people to arrange furniture so you never have your back to a door. In terms of the entry-way to an apartment building, it’s important that it be well lit. You can make the entryway to your individual apartment unit inviting with a wreath on the door and a welcome mat. Be creative and add your own personal touch.

  • Choosing a higher floor

Although there are advantages for some people to live on a lower apartment level, some apartments for rentfeature balconies with serene views. Avoid a unit that is too close to the stairs or elevator for a quieter existence. If you do pick a unit on the first floor, choose one with a view of water, trees or nature instead of the parking lot. A screened-in porch is always a plus, but if that’s not possible a feng-shui remedy is to bring in plants such as bamboo or a tabletop fountain.

  • Working with the layout

In feng shui, different areas of a home or apartment are best suited for different uses. When through apartments for rent, choose ones that have a lot of flexible spaces or rooms that can be used for different purposes. For example, a bedroom in the South or North area of the home could be used as a home office since South represents fame and reputation and North represents career.

For more information on finding the best apartment to fit your specific needs, contact us.