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Clean, Green and Sustainable Living Tips for Your Apartment

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House choice on white background. Isolated 3D imageMany people do want to live a more cleaner, greener lifestyle but are far too often intimidated by what green living entails. Take in a deep breath and relax. Living green is not at all as complicated as others may make you think. The best technique to successful green living is to start your transition from right where you are.


Recycling is always very important when it comes to living more green, but what’s even more important is cutting back and using less whenever possible. When going out to your favorite place for coffee, bring a reusable, insulated mug. Use reusable tote bags instead of plastic bags at your local grocer, and invest in a water purifier instead of buying bottled water.

Choosing a eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t always just for the homeowner. People who live in apartments can do their share when it comes to being more environmentally conscious, as well. Whether your utilities are included in your monthly rent or you pay them separately, minimizing your energy consumption can play a big role in maintaining a more sustainable way of living.

Having large-picturesque windows displaying an attractive view can be an absolute joy when it comes to certain personal touches in your apartment, but keeping that spectacular view on display all the time can quickly become an energy drainer and costly. Covering your windows with thick drapes or blinds can reduce heat loss in the winter significantly, and can keep sunlight out during the summer, keeping your apartment cool in the summer. Growing plants are another way to keeping your apartment cool in the summer, as well as keeping the air quality in your home clean.

Before moving into your next apartment, ask if there are already sustainable living practices in place. For your apartment needs and more green living tips, come live with us at Wood Partners.


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