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Starting a Green Movement in Your Multifamily Community

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House Plant Photo Spider PlantMany multifamily housing units are doing their part to save electricity, such as adding energy efficient appliances and double-panned windows. Residents enjoy an environmentally cleaner, and often cheaper, place to live. Since the apartment complex is doing a part in keeping the facilities green, how can the residents do their part to meet in the middle? Starting a green movement in the complex and encouraging your neighbors to join you is a great place to start.


1. Talk to Your Neighbors

Begin by finding out who is in your community. There may be elderly people who can’t move the recycle bin and thus will not recycle due to their physical limitations. Organize the community to help these neighbors move the bin from their homes to the trash receptacles. A little community help can go a long way.

2. Encourage Small Changes

Some small changes can go a long way in a community. Encourage neighbors to use energy, and money, saving light bulbs in their units. The best bulbs are the compact fluorescent bulbs. Smart power strips are also helpful; they recognize when an appliance is turned off and will stop the stream of electricity streaming through the plug. These small changes will help save residents money and help increase the reputation of the green apartment complex.

3. Introduce Green Projects

Ask your neighbors to go to the farmer’s market with you, or share ways to plant container food on the balconies. If the complex will allow it, consider starting a community garden. Not only does this save money, it saves the environment by reducing the amount of emissions put into the air by the big companies that produce grocery store food. Set up a carpool bulletin board where neighbors can find others who are going to similar destinations. Car pooling is one of the easiest methods for saving money and reducing the number of emissions in the air.

4. Organize Weekly Cleanups

While the apartment complex will care for the grounds, there are other places that can be cared for by the community as a whole. Parks and other recreational areas can be cleaned, and your community name can be put on the project with the permission of management. This will help increase the reputation of the complex for being environmentally friendly. When the residents pay attention and care, others who also care for the environment are more likely to move in.

If you have any other questions about creating a more eco-conscious living space, contact us right away.




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