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Decorate Bare Wall Space With Strategy

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Kitchen interior.Bare walls are so plain.  There’s nothing to stare at because it’s so bare.  Items on walls are visually pleasing to the eye and give guests a conversation piece.  Adding something brings a wall to life. Wood partners understands these limitations; however not all is lost.

Family photos and mirrors are the first things we think of when we talk about decorating the wall.  Photos and pictures immediately tell a story and take you on a journey.  Thanks to the reflection, mirrors open your room up and make it larger than it actually is.  The frame around the mirror or picture can make a statement.  Bold designs really make something plain pop out.   You are not limited to those choices.

  • Add cubby wall organizers.  Place keys, sunglasses, cell phone, portable music player, remote control, pens, pads, mail and mini calendars here.
  • Multipurpose pieces double as being functional.  It is very decorative, useful and time saving.  Chalkboards and memo boards are examples of this.
  • Clocks will do more than tell time on your wall.  Decorative wall clocks come with its own charm, and it will make your wall elegant.
  • Instead of covering those walls with wallpaper, use wall decals.  These decorative pieces will give off the look of wallpaper without dealing with wallpaper issues (peeling paper, dingy, etc).  It comes right off as easily as you place it on the wall.  There are many colors and patterns to select.  The same wall decals can hide that unappealing backsplash in the kitchen.
  • Tapestry and rugs bring modern style to a wall.  The patterns alone say a lot about the piece.
  • Wreaths are a seasonal accent.  On your wall, it will last year-round.
  • Art panels and screen-print art on the wall make a great conversation piece.
  • Highlight your accolades by hanging diplomas, degrees, awards and other achievements on the wall.
  • Display cases display your collections for you and guests to view.
  • Maps are a great conversation starter.  If you run out of things to talk about, just look on the wall and chat about your travels.  Add a frame around it for hanging.
  • Frame postcards, concert posters and/or concert flyers you collected.  Let the picture, message or color speak for itself.
  • Decorative plates don’t deserve to hide inside kitchen cabinets.  Make it a centerpiece on your wall.  Use adhesive plate hangers to hang it on the wall.

Imagine what you can do when you strategize.  Use those bare walls as a canvas to show off your personality, but be careful.  Decorating your apartment wall isn’t the same as decorating your house.  Property owners have rules so check the lease or ask the owner if you can hang something or decorate the walls.  Contact us for more information. Wood Partners know about apartments and have many tips on their website.


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