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4 Tips To Make Friends When You Move Into a New Apartment Community

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iStock_000014814198XSmallSometimes, it can feel isolating to move into a new apartment community, even if you’re not moving very far.  You grow used to seeing the same places and the same people everyday.  Even if you don’t talk to them a lot, you notice them at the bus stop and in your apartment building.  You might even find yourself missing that noisy neighbor that you couldn’t wait to get away from.  So what are you supposed to do?

  1. Introduce yourself.  Many people don’t even know their neighbors anymore.  This isn’t really healthy because you both live in the same apartment building and you might need to ask each other’s help some day.  So why don’t you introduce yourself once you’ve moved in?  No need to do it the very same day.  Take your time getting settled in and then knock on their door.  Don’t put it off too long or you might start feeling awkward about doing it.
  2. Chit chat.  Try and be welcoming to people who greet you in the passageways or make small talk.  If there’s a doorman in your apartment building, say good morning or good evening to him when you see him.  Doormen can be a great font of information about everyone who lives in the building, in case you’re wondering how to approach them.
  3. Explore what’s nearby.  Get yourself acquainted with the neighborhood laundromat, hair salon, restaurants etc.  Not only will you get to know the people who run them, you might also meet other people there.  If you have a particular interest, like reading, don’t forget to take a trip to the local bookstore and see what events they’re holding there.  This will help you meet like-minded people.
  4. Look on the internet.  If you’re not quite ready to start pounding the pavement, at least look up what’s in your neighborhood by going on the internet.  Many neighborhoods will have at least one website which lists everything you might need, from gyms to bars.  If a place looks interesting, you can look for it the next time you step out.

These are just a few ways in which you can get to meet new people and familiarize yourself with a new apartment building.  Contact us for more tips on finding an apartment and getting settled in.


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