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Balancing Instinct with Rationality When Looking for an Apartment for Rent

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iStock_000014814198XSmallWhen you’re looking for an apartment for rent, there are generally certain things you want to look out for.  First of all, it’s important to make sure there’s going to be enough space for you and whoever else might be living in the apartment.  Secondly, you want to make sure that it’s conveniently located with respect to transportation, groceries, work, school, restaurants etc.  Different things are important to different people.  So depending on what your needs are, you’ll need to look out for a certain type of apartment.

Getting the Right “Vibe”

However, don’t forget to consult yourself about what you’d like to have in your apartment in addition to what you absolutely need to have.  Often, people think that if a living space satisfies all their needs then they don’t need to worry about their wants.  However, it’s really important for you to get that right “vibe” from the place.  Or if you’re not the type of person who believes in vibes, then just think of it as what the French call “je ne sais quoi.”  You need to be able to say that the place where you live has that certain something that appeals to you.

For example, you might be torn between a larger space that doesn’t have very much light and a smaller, cozier space which is nonetheless full of light.  Most people would go for the larger space but, if you find yourself gravitating towards the smaller one, pay attention to that gut feeling.

Considering the Future

Another thing that you probably want to be on the lookout for is whether your circumstances are likely to change in the near future.  For example, are you and your spouse planning to have a child?  If so, you’ll need an extra room.  Do you think that one of you might quit your job and start working from home?  That circumstance will also necessitate having an extra room.  If you’re planning to start working out soon, make sure you’re located near a gym or running track.  If you plan to start cooking, you’ll need a good kitchen but you may not need too many restaurants in the neighborhood.

So keep all these things in mind when you’re looking for an apartment.  Contact us for more tips on apartment hunting.


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