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When Looking for Sustainable Homes, Consider a Green Apartment

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House choice on white background. Isolated 3D imageWhen talking about sustainable homes, you don’t have to be talking about a sustainable house. In fact, the most sustainable home you could be living in could be a green apartment. Living off the grid and off the land may be a dream you can still aspire to, but in the meanwhile, you can still greatly reduce your carbon footprint with a sustainably built apartment home. The key is efficiency, and that happens to be something green apartments are great at. Here are three ways a green apartment home can improve your energy efficiency, save you money and save the planet.


Reduction of Reliance on Cars: One of the best reasons to live in an urban area is proximity. Within a one mile walk, you can find almost everything you’d need. For further distances, you can easily bike or rely on public transportation, reducing congestion, and greatly reducing carbon emissions related to your transportation.

Reduced Heating and Lighting: No one needs a massive suburban McMansion – especially not once you consider just how much energy you need to spend to heat the home in the winter, or cool it in the summer. With an apartment, the amount of space you need to keep climate controlled is significantly smaller.

Reduced Space Use: There’s a huge movement away from the excesses of the last few generations. Nobody needs three SUVs and massive houses an hour away from work. By living in an apartment home, you help fight sprawl, leave land in its natural space, and free up areas to be reclaimed as green corridors, wildlife refuges, or nature centers.

Deciding to live green is more than just a lifestyle change, it’s one that has a lasting effect on everything around you. At Wood Partners, we understand your dedication to living sustainably with the environment. That’s why we’ve been dedicated to building green apartment complexes with integrity for almost 15 years now. Contact us today to find a sustainable home near you.


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