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Green living in your apartment

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2013-04-15-green-living-tips-lightbulbs-april-29-2013-photoDo you watch television shows about how home owners are changing homes to green living and wish you could live green too? Yet, you rent an apartment? You can live green in an apartment! You can do some of the same things home owners do and help the environment, and your bank account. Living green isn’t complicated or difficult, and here are some ways you can live green in an apartment:


1. Make it a habit to unplug the energy addicts in your apartment. Use power strips and after you watch television, turn it off and then turn off the power strip. Takes a few seconds, but those few seconds are starting you on your way to living green. Do the same thing with anything that uses electricity such as a computer, adapters for cell phones, and other electronics.

2. Get rid of your incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs. When you do this, you are using about 66% less energy. That will help the environment and your bank account.

3. Recycle paper products, soda cans, water bottles, etc. You can put two bins under your kitchen sink: one for trash and one for recycling. If your city doesn’t have a curbside recycling program, talk with your apartment neighbors and put together a recycling plan. Maybe each apartment can be responsible for the recycling once month a year. Not only are you living green, but you are influencing others to live green.

4. Stop the junk mail. Go to www.dmachoice.org/MPS/ to opt out of junk mail. You will save trees and you won’t have all that junk mail to recycle.

Four easy ways to start living green in your apartment! After you have mastered those four, feel free to contact us for more ideas.


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