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Balancing Instinct with Rationality When Looking for an Apartment for Rent

iStock_000014814198XSmallWhen you’re looking for an apartment for rent, there are generally certain things you want to look out for.  First of all, it’s important to make sure there’s going to be enough space for you and whoever else might be living in the apartment.  Secondly, you want to make sure that it’s conveniently located with respect to transportation, groceries, work, school, restaurants etc.  Different things are important to different people.  So depending on what your needs are, you’ll need to look out for a certain type of apartment.

Getting the Right “Vibe”

However, don’t forget to consult yourself about what you’d like to have in your apartment in addition to what you absolutely need to have.  Often, people think that if a living space satisfies all their needs then they don’t need to worry about their wants.  However, it’s really important for you to get that right “vibe” from the place.  Or if you’re not the type of person who believes in vibes, then just think of it as what the French call “je ne sais quoi.”  You need to be able to say that the place where you live has that certain something that appeals to you.

For example, you might be torn between a larger space that doesn’t have very much light and a smaller, cozier space which is nonetheless full of light.  Most people would go for the larger space but, if you find yourself gravitating towards the smaller one, pay attention to that gut feeling.

Considering the Future

Another thing that you probably want to be on the lookout for is whether your circumstances are likely to change in the near future.  For example, are you and your spouse planning to have a child?  If so, you’ll need an extra room.  Do you think that one of you might quit your job and start working from home?  That circumstance will also necessitate having an extra room.  If you’re planning to start working out soon, make sure you’re located near a gym or running track.  If you plan to start cooking, you’ll need a good kitchen but you may not need too many restaurants in the neighborhood.

So keep all these things in mind when you’re looking for an apartment.  Contact us for more tips on apartment hunting.


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Decorate Your Apartment for Summer

Colorful UmbrellasSummer is coming!  It is time to decorate your apartment to match this colorful season.  Here are 6 summer decorating tips that will give your apartment a seasonal feel.

  1. Add color to your apartment.  This can be easily accomplished by switching out pillows or even curtains to create a summer scene.  Consider a tablecloth in a bright color.  These items are easily changed when the weather is warm and then switched back again in the fall.
  2. Bring in flowers.  Flowers are the perfect symbol of summer.  Consider purchasing a new vase and adding fresh cut flowers to your apartment. This will provide the appearance and scent of summer.  For a greener approach bring a blooming plant home.  You will be able to enjoy the plant year round.  Faux plants or flowers are a valid alternative if you have allergies or are unable to maintain a living plant.  Craft stores offer flowers that appear real.
  3. Consider adding flower prints.  In addition to adding the real thing, flower prints will provide a summer feel in your apartment.  Summer themed placemats and cloth napkins are a fantastic addition.  Consider placemats that you can rotate for each season to give your apartment the appropriate feel throughout the year.  In the bathroom, addition of flowered hand-towels provides a summer look.
  4. Birds are a symbol of summer as well.  An alternative option to flowered placemats and hand-towels are those decorated with colorful birds.
  5. Patriotic Decorations are Appropriate for Summer.  Summer is considered a patriotic time because of the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day Holidays.  Displaying an American flag is a good way to celebrate the summer season.
  6. Consider Vacation Mementos.  Do you have seashells from a beach vacation?  Summer is the perfect time to display souvenirs from past summer vacations.  If you are crafty consider looking on Pinterest for ways to create projects from seashells.  A simple decorating option is to display photos from a previous summer trip.

Bring the feel of summer inside your apartment.  Bold colors and a brighter palette are for summer months.  By decorating your apartment to reflect summer you will be able to enjoy the seasonal feel even on a rainy day.  Contact us for more information on apartment living tips.

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When Looking for Sustainable Homes, Consider a Green Apartment

House choice on white background. Isolated 3D imageWhen talking about sustainable homes, you don’t have to be talking about a sustainable house. In fact, the most sustainable home you could be living in could be a green apartment. Living off the grid and off the land may be a dream you can still aspire to, but in the meanwhile, you can still greatly reduce your carbon footprint with a sustainably built apartment home. The key is efficiency, and that happens to be something green apartments are great at. Here are three ways a green apartment home can improve your energy efficiency, save you money and save the planet.


Reduction of Reliance on Cars: One of the best reasons to live in an urban area is proximity. Within a one mile walk, you can find almost everything you’d need. For further distances, you can easily bike or rely on public transportation, reducing congestion, and greatly reducing carbon emissions related to your transportation.

Reduced Heating and Lighting: No one needs a massive suburban McMansion – especially not once you consider just how much energy you need to spend to heat the home in the winter, or cool it in the summer. With an apartment, the amount of space you need to keep climate controlled is significantly smaller.

Reduced Space Use: There’s a huge movement away from the excesses of the last few generations. Nobody needs three SUVs and massive houses an hour away from work. By living in an apartment home, you help fight sprawl, leave land in its natural space, and free up areas to be reclaimed as green corridors, wildlife refuges, or nature centers.

Deciding to live green is more than just a lifestyle change, it’s one that has a lasting effect on everything around you. At Wood Partners, we understand your dedication to living sustainably with the environment. That’s why we’ve been dedicated to building green apartment complexes with integrity for almost 15 years now. Contact us today to find a sustainable home near you.

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Green living in your apartment

2013-04-15-green-living-tips-lightbulbs-april-29-2013-photoDo you watch television shows about how home owners are changing homes to green living and wish you could live green too? Yet, you rent an apartment? You can live green in an apartment! You can do some of the same things home owners do and help the environment, and your bank account. Living green isn’t complicated or difficult, and here are some ways you can live green in an apartment:


1. Make it a habit to unplug the energy addicts in your apartment. Use power strips and after you watch television, turn it off and then turn off the power strip. Takes a few seconds, but those few seconds are starting you on your way to living green. Do the same thing with anything that uses electricity such as a computer, adapters for cell phones, and other electronics.

2. Get rid of your incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs. When you do this, you are using about 66% less energy. That will help the environment and your bank account.

3. Recycle paper products, soda cans, water bottles, etc. You can put two bins under your kitchen sink: one for trash and one for recycling. If your city doesn’t have a curbside recycling program, talk with your apartment neighbors and put together a recycling plan. Maybe each apartment can be responsible for the recycling once month a year. Not only are you living green, but you are influencing others to live green.

4. Stop the junk mail. Go to www.dmachoice.org/MPS/ to opt out of junk mail. You will save trees and you won’t have all that junk mail to recycle.

Four easy ways to start living green in your apartment! After you have mastered those four, feel free to contact us for more ideas.