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Four Decorating Ideas for Making Your Apartment Look and Feel More Spacious

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Classy house - living room interiorYou never hear people complaining that their apartments feel too large. Whether they are single and living in a one bedroom unit, or a family renting a large four bedroom apartment, people are usually looking for ways to create more space, or at least make their apartment feel more roomy.

People also want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where they can relax, while also being able to entertain friends and family comfortably. With a little imagination and a few design ideas you can make your Wood Partners apartment look and feel more spacious and inviting:

Furniture Placement

Rather than placing your furniture in the same arrangement it had in your last apartment, draw a floor plan so you can experiment with various furniture placement options. Think about which items of furniture are essential for each room, and experiment with various arrangements for maximum space and efficiency.

Couches, tables and other stand alone items can be used for naturally dividing rooms into different areas. Multipurpose furniture, such as an ottoman with built-in storage, or a table with drop ends or removable sections also help to save space.

Make use of Corners

Corners are an often neglected space since they can be awkward to decorate. Unused corners are a good place to add attractive storage space. Corner space can be used for displaying books, photos and art objects in shelving units that are either open or enclosed in glass. A corner mounted shelf at table height can be used for additional workspace.

Multiply Space With Mirrors

While mirrors create the illusion of more space in your apartment, they also reflect light and decorations. Vintage or modern mirrors, either large or small, will accentuate your decorating motif while making your apartment feel more roomy.

Enhance Space With Colors

There are two ways in which colors can be used to enhance how a room feels: Lighter colors will make any room feel more open and welcoming, and the colors you choose can affect the mood of people in the room. For example, red has a tendency to raise a person’s energy level, while lavender can have a calming effect. When selecting colors, remember to go with lighter hues.

However you decide to decorate your apartment, it only takes a little imagination to create a space that feels warm and inviting with plenty of space to live life your way. Wood Partners offers a variety of modern apartments designed to meet the needs of today’s renters. Contact us for more information about our Wood Partners apartment communities.


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