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Better to Rent an Apartment Than Buy a House? Yes!

iStock_000014814198XSmallTrying to decide whether to rent or buy?  Friends and relatives telling you it is better to buy?  Don’t believe them without investigating the details.  Consider the following reasons why it is better to rent with Wood Partners than buy and decide for yourself.



The cost of owning a home is more than just the amount of the monthly mortgage payments.  Keep in mind you will have to pay for any maintenance or renovation needed.  Furnace needs repair?  Roof has a leak?  Bathroom needs updating?  These will all be your financial responsibility and often do not add anything to the value of your home.  In addition you will owe property taxes and homeowners insurance.

When you rent you will pay a one-time security deposit, monthly rent and renter’s insurance.  Any maintenance will not be your responsibility.

Consider Your Financial Position

To buy a house you will need to make a downpayment.  A twenty percent downpayment is typical.  If you can’t afford the downpayment or have other debts you may not be in the best financial position to buy a house.  Renting is a better choice.

How Handy are You?

In addition to the financial responsibility for maintenance you need to consider if you are up for the task.  At 2am when the furnace fails or a water pipe breaks will you know what to do?  Will you have done the preventative maintenance necessary to prevent these middle of the night issues from happening in the first place?  A rental property will have a maintenance schedule to ensure failures don’t occur.  In the rare situation that something does break you will have a phone number to call and someone will come fix it for you.

How Many Years Will You Stay?

Are you planning on staying in the same location for 20 years or are you more likely to move in 5-7 years or less?  If you do not plan on staying for many years it may be better financially for you to rent instead of buy.  When you sell you will be responsible for paying closing costs and a 6% realtor fee.  Also consider the stability of housing prices.  If your house loses value, you will lose money.

Community and Amenities 

If you are looking to become part of a community an apartment may be a better match for you than a house.  Often apartments can also provide extras and services that you would not have in a single-family home.

If you are considering an apartment for rent we would be happy to show you how Wood Partners can provide you a home that’s right for you.  Contact us for more information.


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Four Decorating Ideas for Making Your Apartment Look and Feel More Spacious

Classy house - living room interiorYou never hear people complaining that their apartments feel too large. Whether they are single and living in a one bedroom unit, or a family renting a large four bedroom apartment, people are usually looking for ways to create more space, or at least make their apartment feel more roomy.

People also want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where they can relax, while also being able to entertain friends and family comfortably. With a little imagination and a few design ideas you can make your Wood Partners apartment look and feel more spacious and inviting:

Furniture Placement

Rather than placing your furniture in the same arrangement it had in your last apartment, draw a floor plan so you can experiment with various furniture placement options. Think about which items of furniture are essential for each room, and experiment with various arrangements for maximum space and efficiency.

Couches, tables and other stand alone items can be used for naturally dividing rooms into different areas. Multipurpose furniture, such as an ottoman with built-in storage, or a table with drop ends or removable sections also help to save space.

Make use of Corners

Corners are an often neglected space since they can be awkward to decorate. Unused corners are a good place to add attractive storage space. Corner space can be used for displaying books, photos and art objects in shelving units that are either open or enclosed in glass. A corner mounted shelf at table height can be used for additional workspace.

Multiply Space With Mirrors

While mirrors create the illusion of more space in your apartment, they also reflect light and decorations. Vintage or modern mirrors, either large or small, will accentuate your decorating motif while making your apartment feel more roomy.

Enhance Space With Colors

There are two ways in which colors can be used to enhance how a room feels: Lighter colors will make any room feel more open and welcoming, and the colors you choose can affect the mood of people in the room. For example, red has a tendency to raise a person’s energy level, while lavender can have a calming effect. When selecting colors, remember to go with lighter hues.

However you decide to decorate your apartment, it only takes a little imagination to create a space that feels warm and inviting with plenty of space to live life your way. Wood Partners offers a variety of modern apartments designed to meet the needs of today’s renters. Contact us for more information about our Wood Partners apartment communities.

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The Benefits of Considering Green Apartment Rentals When Searching for a New Apartment

House Plant Photo Spider PlantWhen searching for a new apartment, there are quite a few considerations one must make when trying to decide what type of apartment building to live in. One consideration apartment hunters should put some thought into is whether they would like to look at green apartment rentals as part of their apartment search; however, many renters do not consider searching for this type of apartment. While going on a green apartment hunt can mean putting in extra effort to find a green apartment in one’s area, this effort can pay off, as there are many benefits to living in this type of community. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider making a green apartment your new home.

Green Facilities Helps Save Renters’ Money

Green apartments are known for being energy efficient; this is due to the fact that these apartments often use energy saving appliances, fixtures, and building materials. For most renters, this energy efficient nature of their apartment saves them greatly on their various utility bills. For any renter, saving this money can be a great benefit of living in a green apartment building.

Green Materials Often Require Less Maintenance

Green apartment complexes often forgo traditional carpet flooring for greener materials such as bamboo. These surfaces are often not only better for the environment, but they also require less maintenance and cleaning, which makes them easier for renters to take care of.

Green Apartments are Better for the Environment

While this benefit of green apartments may seem self-explanatory, one must not underestimate the effect that traditional apartments have on the environment. Living in a green apartment means that you will be doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint, as well as the effect that this carbon footprint has on the environment.

Living in a green apartment can provide benefits not only to the environment, but living in this type of apartment can also be very beneficial to renters. Contact us to find out more about the benefits that living in a green apartment could provide to you and to the environment.

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Green Living: Making a difference one home at a time

House choice on white background. Isolated 3D imageReducing your individual carbon footprint is an important first step in green living. The amount of greenhouse gases you produce over time negatively affects global climate change. Reducing these greenhouse gases is the ultimate goal of green living. When even one person changes their habits, meaningful change is underway.

Many environmentally conscious individuals commit to small acts, like walking or biking short distances instead of driving, and using compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. For many people, moving to a new community or upgrading to a new home is the perfect opportunity to make green living a higher priority.

Seeking out a home with integrated green features like energy efficient heating and cooling, is a growing trend among people as they search for a new home. Using energy efficient appliances makes a significant impact in reducing an individual’s carbon footprint, as well.

Water efficiency is an important element of green living. Low flow shower heads, toilets, and faucets combined with water-wise landscaping make a positive impact on the energy efficiency of a home.

According to this article published at Realtor.org,

Going green has proven to be more than a trend; many people seek out this way of living…39 percent of home buyers said heating and cooling costs were the most important green feature of a home, followed by energy efficient appliances and lighting, at 24 percent each.

Many newly constructed apartments adhere to the federal ENERGY STAR standards and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building standards. It is important to understand the specific energy efficient features of a house or multi-family development before deciding to relocate to the property.

Wood Partners is committed to providing comfortable, beautiful, green living to residents across the country in more than 40,000 apartment homes from Washington to Massachusetts. For more information on how you can enjoy the Wood Partners green lifestyle, please contact us.

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Four undeniable benefits to living in a Green Home

How green is green enough“I live in a green home.”

It just sounds so edgy and modern. Reducing your carbon footprint, enjoying green lifestyle benefits like common social space, and saving a chunk of cash on utility bills are just a few reasons to seek out a green apartment home. But if you look a bit closer, you’ll see why urban professionals, young people seeking a first home, and seasoned city dwellers insist that there’s more to green living than carbon footprint reduction.

Green homes are good for your body.

One of the many benefits to living in a green home, is that it is likely situated among amenities within walking or biking distance. Everyone understands the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, and one way to combat couch potato syndrome is to make daily movement a habit. A short walk to a great coffee shop or a daily bike ride to work contributes to a healthier body. Many green living communities also offer on-site fitness centers to facilitate a healthy lifestyle, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Green homes make your food taste better.

Even if your apartment community doesn’t have acres of garden space available, a sunny window and a container garden is enough to help create a thriving herb garden or a pot of quick growing greens. You don’t need a green thumb, just some good quality potting soil, a few seeds, and bright sunlight. Natural light is a high priority in many green home designs. Using that light to help create home grown herbs and vegetables is a brilliant way to capitalize on this popular feature.

Green homes help grow your savings account.

Energy efficient appliances and green heating and cooling systems offer a great reduction to utility bills. Green homes offer standard low flow shower heads, faucets, and toilets, which reduce those bills even further. When the cost of day to day living decreases, you can put that money away for a rainy day. Or a sunny vacation.

Green homes are good for your social life.

Common areas that feature swimming pools, grills, and abundant seating offer residents a beautiful and convenient way to socialize with their like-minded neighbors. Whether relaxing near a gorgeously landscaped garden space, or entertaining friends in the courtyard, meeting new people is easy in a green living space.

For more information on the specific amenities offered by Wood Partners communities, please contact us.