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New generation of professionals seek green homes

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2013-04-15-green-living-tips-lightbulbs-april-29-2013-photoThere’s more to finding a great apartment than shining a flashlight under the fridge, knocking on the neighbor’s door to check their sanity, and sniffing the air for residual bug spray. While those tactics may have been essential when moving from a college dorm into a first “real” apartment, for professionals looking for a long term apartment home that includes a quality of life element, there are a few essential things to consider.

Many apartment hunters look for a home that is ENERGY STAR Certified, both to keep utility bills in check and to keep their own energy footprint a bit smaller. Ecofriendly, intelligent design should be a natural extension of green design. Amenities like a community garden, on site fitness facility, and on site entertainment options help increase the overall health and happiness of the apartment building’s residents, which in turn contributes to a higher quality of life. GE charging stations for electric vehicles and bicycle storage make living an eco-friendly life easier.

For the busy, professional apartment hunter, shared social spaces are essential to overall productivity and satisfaction. Finding an apartment home that offers beautiful, intuitive, shared spaces to network and connect helps provide the kind of social environment they seek.

According to this article about apartments in California, tech offerings rank high on the list of desirable amenities, as well.

Tech offerings are a major draw for busy professionals and other dynamic renters. We’re living in the age of constant technological breakthroughs so it’s only natural to be able to do everything online.

When considering a Wood Partners green home, keep in mind that not only are high end amenities available to renters in hundreds of communities from San Francisco to Massachusetts, but the means by which the homes are created is green, as well. Wood Partners construction methods adhere to the LEED program standards, including construction waste recycling. For more information on how residents of a Wood Partners community enjoy highly sought after, innovative amenities in combination with green living, please contact us.


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