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Sustainable Living Tips, Tricks, And Ideas

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A lot of people are talking about ‘sustainable living,’ or ‘living green.’ What does that mean exactly? Well it’s just as it sounds. Sustainable or green living means to live a lifestyle which has as little of an impact on the Earth as possible. People that live a sustainable lifestyle live in self-powered homes, they tend to eat local grown foods or grow their own, and tend to lean towards electric vehicles or bikes as a means of transportation. If this type of lifestyle appeals to you, read on for some tips on how to start making your lifestyle more green.

Eat Local and Seasonal Foods

Purchasing local and seasonal foods is a great way to fund the local economy while reducing the carbon emissions from long distance hauling of out of state produce. Since these fruits and vegetables will be grown during their proper season, they don’t require the wasteful process of greenhouse growing. Locally grown foods are more fresh, unprocessed, and argued to be more nutritious.

Green Transportation

With gas prices and climate concerns, traditional automobiles are becoming less and less feasible when it comes to sustainability. The use of plug-in hybrid vehicles and also bikes is on the rise. Some cities are even installing bike and pedestrian friendly pathways.

Water Use

Many green homes are built with ecofriendly low-flow toilets, shower heads, and other fixtures. Checking faucets and piping regularly for leaks is a great way to reduce wasted water as well.

Reducing Waste

One method of cutting waste is to reduce the amount of paper waste the home accumulates. Stopping junk mail and transferring important documents and continuous paper work to a digital format is a great way to cut paper waste. Food waste can be composted outside, and any foods bought can be bought in bulk to cut down on packaging.

These are just a few steps a person can take to make their lifestyle more ecofriendly and sustainable. For more information on sustainable living feel free to contact us at our website.


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