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The Keys to Green Living in an Apartment Dwelling

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2013-04-15 Green Living Tips - LIghtbulbs April 29, 2013 - PHOTOEveryone is talking about “going green.” But what does green living really mean to apartment dwellers? How can you live the “green” lifestyle and do your part to conserve energy? Here are a few tips for apartment dwellers to live green.

  1. Cut down on plastic bottle usage. By installing a water filter rather than stocking up on bottled water, you can save a great deal of space and plastic. Few people who purchased bottled water and sodas actually recycle and this adds to the growing waste problem. So if you do buy plastic, recycle, but consider getting a water filtration system instead.
  2. Unplug “power hogs.” Appliances such as televisions, large heaters, and other equipment use some energy, even if they are not turned on and being used at the time. Unplug high-use energy appliances when not in use to save resources for when they are needed most.
  3. Adjust your thermostat in high-demand months. Turning down the thermostat (air conditioner) in the summer months and the heat down in the winter can save a lot of energy. You don’t have to be uncomfortable. Just leave it at a reasonable temperature so that it will adjust to your surroundings without causing too much power consumption.
  4. Limit wash times and water consumption. Try to wash clothes at the same time every week rather than several times a week at different intervals. Check the settings on your washing machine to make sure water levels meet the requirements of your wash load. For example, don’t fill the water up completely if you have a small load.
  5. Cover windows. Lowering blinds and shades can cut down energy use substantially and keep the energy in. This keeps your apartment cooler in summer months, limiting the amount of time you have to run the air conditioner at high levels. And it keep the warmth in during winter months.
  6. Be literally “green” with fresh foliage and houseplants. Surround yourself with fresh green plants to replenish oxygen in the apartment and keep the air pure. It creates a healthy lifestyle for you and brightens up the atmosphere as well and promotes a positive mental perspective as well.

There’s no mystery to green living if you live in an apartment complex. It really involves just a few simple steps you can do to save energy, make your environment healthier, and contribute to a better way of life. We’re all in this together, and this includes apartment dwellers.

For more information on how you can live green, or if you would like more information on our apartments, contact us.


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