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Decorating Your Apartment for Warmth

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Our apartments boast the latest insulation and climate-control technologies. So in the winter, you and yourfamily remain comfortable. But when the weather turns cold, part of keeping warm is being in an environment that looks warm. A few decorating tricks can achieve that goal.

Add pattern and texture. Something that feels or looks rough seems warmer. You can start with a rug on top of either bare or carpeted floors. Put patterned pillows and furry throws on top of upholstery. Look for bed linens and window coverings with paisleys or other large shapes. Replace shiny glass and metal accessories with ones made out of wood, stone, and other textured materials.

Bring in the light, which counters the growing darkness of winter. Add lamps and lighting fixtures to dark corners. Include candles on the dining room table, buffet, and bath and kitchen counters. They add not only light but a suggestion of heat. If you’re concerned about open flames, for example, if you have children, use LED or flameless candles. They simulate the flicker and brightness of flame through technology.

Nothing shows warm weather like plants so fill your spaces with greenery in containers. Poinsettias are the most obvious choice. Other plants that bloom in the winter include cyclamen, jasmine, begonias and amaryllis. You also associate greenery with water, which you typically don’t hear in the winter because it’s frozen solid. Let the sound of running water fill your interior by using a tabletop fountain.

For more information on decorating for the winter or if you want help in finding an apartment, please contact us.


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