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Having a pet in a multifamily apartment community

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Dog on bedIf you are planning a move into an apartment, whether it’s a first apartment, or you are down-sizing from a house, you may have heard that having a pet in a multifamily apartment doesn’t work out.

It is true that some apartments have strict no pets policies in place, but more often than not they see the advantages of allowing their tenants to have pets. Still, if you want a pet, there are things you can do to keep you, the management, and your neighbors content with the arrangement.

Also, it’s wise to select a pet that will fit into an apartment lifestyle. Smaller, calmer animals are usually more suited. If you already own a large, excitable dog or a cat that has spent her life roaming outside, then you may want to think long and hard before bringing them into a situation that may become uncomfortable. Additionally, dogs that like to bark and need to run will take a lot of effort and supervision and a cat that whines at a door that only leads to a hallway, or even worse, a parking lot, will soon have you climbing your new apartment walls.

Once you move in, things will go much more smoothly with your new neighbors if you pick up your doggy’s waste when you walk him through the apartment grounds. And cleaning the cat box becomes really important when smells waft through vents and into shared hallways. You might be used to odors and not notice them even though they are unpleasant to others.

Living in an apartment with a pet can be done successfully, and a cozy cat or a happy dog greeting you at the end of a work day is a nice welcome home. All it takes is a bit of thought and planning. For help finding your new place, contact us.


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