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You Need Renters Insurance for Your Apartment Even If You Own Nothing

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Broken window

As an upwardly mobile and ambitious individual, you’ve dispensed with owning any large and immovable pieces of furniture and appliances. You rent only apartments that are furnished or when they’re not, you rent furniture. That way, you can quickly change homes if a better job opportunity appears elsewhere. Your valuables would fit in a safety deposit box. Your laptop, smartphone and other electronic devices are all portable so you can easily unplug and move them.

So why would you even consider renter’s insurance?

Because the protection covers more than damage or theft to your major possessions from your residence. Consider what would happen if you throw a party and one of your wild and crazy friends breaks through your patio glass door. Who pays for that? Certainly not the landlord, since you’re responsible for the actions of your guests. In addition, your so-called friend decides to sue you for his medical bills, pain and suffering. Where would you get the money, which could easily reach six figures?

Renters insurance takes care of all this with liability coverage, not only for damage and injury that happens on your premises, but for any problems outside of it that you may cause. For example, it can pay to fix a neighbor’s living room window that your child broke while throwing a ball. Or it can help patch up the postal carrier that your dog decided to bite.

If you want to know what else you need to rent an aparment, please contact us.


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