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Apartments and the Patios Attached to Them – Make the most of your outdoor space

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Apartments come in many different sizes and floor plans made to suit every lifestyle and family. However, the one thing most of those apartments seem to always have in common is a tiny patio or balcony that is less than thirty square feet. Many people become unmotived due to the lack of outdoor space and simply give up on it, but with a little work and creativity your tiny balcony or patio can become your own personal outdoor sanctuary.

Container Gardens

Many people would love to have their own garden of vegetables to grow organically and eat year round. Most apartment dwellers never achieve this dream because they think that because they don’t own a plot of soil they will never have a garden.   With a few pots and some quality potting soil anyone can have a wonderful garden overflowing with produce. Tomatoes, peppers, salad greens, herbs, beans, and many more fruits and vegetables have been shown to flourish in container gardens.


Once your patio is decorated to your liking you will need a place to sit and enjoy it. Pick patio furniture that will withstand the elements. A few extra dollars spent on quality furniture will save you hundreds in replacement costs. Weather resistant wicker, aluminum, cedar, and teak are all materials that will stand the test of time and Mother Nature. Patio furniture can purchased in many places but second hand stores and websites are always a wonderful place to start looking.


The only light your patio or balcony most likely has is a little outdoor commercial light. Make the area more welcoming and relaxing by introducing other light sources. LED twinkle lights are always a popular choice to string along your patio. Outdoor candles are another beautiful light source; just make sure they are allowed in your community.


So take an hour or two and invest in your outdoor oasis. I guarantee you will end up with a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. If you are currently looking for an apartment to call your own please contact Wood Partners to see our variety of ecofriendly apartments. With so many unique buildings and styles you are sure to find one that is the perfect home for you.



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