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Decorating Your Apartment for Warmth


Our apartments boast the latest insulation and climate-control technologies. So in the winter, you and yourfamily remain comfortable. But when the weather turns cold, part of keeping warm is being in an environment that looks warm. A few decorating tricks can achieve that goal.

Add pattern and texture. Something that feels or looks rough seems warmer. You can start with a rug on top of either bare or carpeted floors. Put patterned pillows and furry throws on top of upholstery. Look for bed linens and window coverings with paisleys or other large shapes. Replace shiny glass and metal accessories with ones made out of wood, stone, and other textured materials.

Bring in the light, which counters the growing darkness of winter. Add lamps and lighting fixtures to dark corners. Include candles on the dining room table, buffet, and bath and kitchen counters. They add not only light but a suggestion of heat. If you’re concerned about open flames, for example, if you have children, use LED or flameless candles. They simulate the flicker and brightness of flame through technology.

Nothing shows warm weather like plants so fill your spaces with greenery in containers. Poinsettias are the most obvious choice. Other plants that bloom in the winter include cyclamen, jasmine, begonias and amaryllis. You also associate greenery with water, which you typically don’t hear in the winter because it’s frozen solid. Let the sound of running water fill your interior by using a tabletop fountain.

For more information on decorating for the winter or if you want help in finding an apartment, please contact us.


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Having a pet in a multifamily apartment community

Dog on bedIf you are planning a move into an apartment, whether it’s a first apartment, or you are down-sizing from a house, you may have heard that having a pet in a multifamily apartment doesn’t work out.

It is true that some apartments have strict no pets policies in place, but more often than not they see the advantages of allowing their tenants to have pets. Still, if you want a pet, there are things you can do to keep you, the management, and your neighbors content with the arrangement.

Also, it’s wise to select a pet that will fit into an apartment lifestyle. Smaller, calmer animals are usually more suited. If you already own a large, excitable dog or a cat that has spent her life roaming outside, then you may want to think long and hard before bringing them into a situation that may become uncomfortable. Additionally, dogs that like to bark and need to run will take a lot of effort and supervision and a cat that whines at a door that only leads to a hallway, or even worse, a parking lot, will soon have you climbing your new apartment walls.

Once you move in, things will go much more smoothly with your new neighbors if you pick up your doggy’s waste when you walk him through the apartment grounds. And cleaning the cat box becomes really important when smells waft through vents and into shared hallways. You might be used to odors and not notice them even though they are unpleasant to others.

Living in an apartment with a pet can be done successfully, and a cozy cat or a happy dog greeting you at the end of a work day is a nice welcome home. All it takes is a bit of thought and planning. For help finding your new place, contact us.

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You Need Renters Insurance for Your Apartment Even If You Own Nothing

Broken window

As an upwardly mobile and ambitious individual, you’ve dispensed with owning any large and immovable pieces of furniture and appliances. You rent only apartments that are furnished or when they’re not, you rent furniture. That way, you can quickly change homes if a better job opportunity appears elsewhere. Your valuables would fit in a safety deposit box. Your laptop, smartphone and other electronic devices are all portable so you can easily unplug and move them.

So why would you even consider renter’s insurance?

Because the protection covers more than damage or theft to your major possessions from your residence. Consider what would happen if you throw a party and one of your wild and crazy friends breaks through your patio glass door. Who pays for that? Certainly not the landlord, since you’re responsible for the actions of your guests. In addition, your so-called friend decides to sue you for his medical bills, pain and suffering. Where would you get the money, which could easily reach six figures?

Renters insurance takes care of all this with liability coverage, not only for damage and injury that happens on your premises, but for any problems outside of it that you may cause. For example, it can pay to fix a neighbor’s living room window that your child broke while throwing a ball. Or it can help patch up the postal carrier that your dog decided to bite.

If you want to know what else you need to rent an aparment, please contact us.

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Apartments and the Patios Attached to Them – Make the most of your outdoor space

Apartments come in many different sizes and floor plans made to suit every lifestyle and family. However, the one thing most of those apartments seem to always have in common is a tiny patio or balcony that is less than thirty square feet. Many people become unmotived due to the lack of outdoor space and simply give up on it, but with a little work and creativity your tiny balcony or patio can become your own personal outdoor sanctuary.

Container Gardens

Many people would love to have their own garden of vegetables to grow organically and eat year round. Most apartment dwellers never achieve this dream because they think that because they don’t own a plot of soil they will never have a garden.   With a few pots and some quality potting soil anyone can have a wonderful garden overflowing with produce. Tomatoes, peppers, salad greens, herbs, beans, and many more fruits and vegetables have been shown to flourish in container gardens.


Once your patio is decorated to your liking you will need a place to sit and enjoy it. Pick patio furniture that will withstand the elements. A few extra dollars spent on quality furniture will save you hundreds in replacement costs. Weather resistant wicker, aluminum, cedar, and teak are all materials that will stand the test of time and Mother Nature. Patio furniture can purchased in many places but second hand stores and websites are always a wonderful place to start looking.


The only light your patio or balcony most likely has is a little outdoor commercial light. Make the area more welcoming and relaxing by introducing other light sources. LED twinkle lights are always a popular choice to string along your patio. Outdoor candles are another beautiful light source; just make sure they are allowed in your community.


So take an hour or two and invest in your outdoor oasis. I guarantee you will end up with a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. If you are currently looking for an apartment to call your own please contact Wood Partners to see our variety of ecofriendly apartments. With so many unique buildings and styles you are sure to find one that is the perfect home for you.


5 Great Sites for Holiday Decorating Ideas

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It’s time to deck the halls. If you’re tired of hauling out the same old stuff that you’ve been decorating with for years—or just want to spice up a holiday table or entryway—you’ll find a wealth of fun, innovative ideas online. Whether you plan to keep your decorating simple or go all out—or even skip it this year—you’ll enjoy checking out the creative and festive ways that others have found to celebrate the season.



HGTV has gathered up 12 simple, elegant decorating ideas to help you deck your halls. From important basics such as the best way to string lights on a tree to festive, money-saving DIY projects, this site offers something for everyone. Learn how to make garland and Christmas mantels like the pros and settle in to make simple snowflake curtains with the kids. Looking to green up your holidays this year? “Forever” LED lights, which use 80 percent less electricity than conventional lights, are the way to go, according to HGTV.



True to its name, Real Simple offers up easy, elegant ideas for Christmas decorating without all the fuss. Fill a vase or hurricane jar with red and white peppermints and marshmallows or glass jars with Christmas ornaments for dramatic, high-impact displays. Fill silver mint julep cups with frosted pinecones as the final touch for a sophisticated winter-white table. Festive red cranberries look great in apothecary jars, and red and green apples are simple and elegant in trifle bowls. Simple is beautiful—and a lot less stressful.



From traditional to unexpected, Southern Living has amassed a treasure trove of 101 holiday decorating ideas. Consider out-of-the-box twists such as decorating the tree with cascading tendrils of colorful ribbon attached to an embroidery hoop and slid over the top of the tree or making hand-stitching stockings our of inexpensive burlap. Tips for wrapping gifts, choosing color schemes (beyond red and green) and making your own ornaments are also included.



Always a reliable source for home decorating ideas, Houzz.com’s extensive library includes more than 6,000 photos of Christmas décor, from luscious to light-hearted. You’ll find ideas for setting a beautiful Christmas table or decking the mantel as well as holiday container gardens and paper wreaths. With photos submitted by professional decorators as well as savvy amateurs, Houzz offers something for every type of style.



In a season of excess, simple stands out. As part of an encyclopedic series of Christmas ideas posts—covering everything from vintage to Scandinavian influences and much more—DigsDigs.com presents a gorgeous collection of minimalist décor ideas. Black, grey, white and natural wood are ideal settings for bare tree branches and candles—festive displays without the fuss.