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Making an Apartment Feel Like Home — 5 Simple Tips

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Renting an apartment does not doom you to blank, boring walls and awkward living spaces. It is possible to make any apartment feel like your own with these 5 simple tips. Before you get started, ask your landlord what changes are allowable; it may be possible to paint the walls (and often is if you will return them to their original color upon moving out). Then get started with tips like these:

1) Divide big rooms into smaller spaces. Use a bookshelf or screen to separate a big living room, and be creative as you think about how you can break the space down.

2) Add color where you can. If you cannot paint the walls, paint your bed frame or bookcase to add bright spots around the apartment. Pick bold fabric colors, hang artwork, and look for other ways to liven up the color scheme.

3) Buy a rug (or two). Want more color on the carpet? Hardwood floor not a match for your furniture? Buy fun, funky rugs and place them at key spots in the apartment. You can change the entire look of a room by adding a rug.

4) Use a bookcase to create an entryway area. A bookcase can be set up to store boots, umbrellas, scarves, and an assortment of other coats and accessories.

5) Hang drapes. In bedrooms and living areas, curtains and drapes are quick, non-permanent ways to add some warmth and interest to your rooms. You can use the drapes to cover windows or to hang across an entire wall — mimicking the effect of wallpaper.

You can choose the many benefits of apartment living and still make the place feel like your own, with simple tips like these. For more information about a gorgeous luxury apartment you can make feel like home, contact Wood Partners today!


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