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Green living in a Wood Partners apartment

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As the makeup of the American family changes, demand for eco-friendly apartment homes in popular urban areas is increasing. Young people are getting married later in life, and choosing to have children later. In the 1990’s people left the cities and moved to the suburbs to fulfill the American dream. Now, the trend is walk-able neighborhoods, reduced commute to work, and the excitement of city living.

A new generation of home buyers place eco-friendly home features at the top of their list. According to a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate survey of 1000 adults between the ages of 18 and 35, energy efficient technology is a must at home. 84% of the survey participants considered technology like energy efficient washers and dryers, security systems, and thermostats essential. According to the survey,

“If a home is not up-to-date with the latest tech capabilities, 64% of Millennials surveyed would simply not consider living there.”


77% of Millennials surveyed would choose a home with essential spaces as opposed to the large stereotypical McMansion style homes preferred by previous generations. A living room becomes a home theater. A dining room becomes a home office. This type of living is eco-friendly. Smaller spaces require less energy to heat and cool. Smart design makes existing spaces versatile.

The new generation of home buyers moves at the speed of technology. Will home builders be able to keep up with the demand for eco-friendly, entertaining, “smart” living spaces?

Wood Partners apartment communities are located in popular urban areas. Sleek high-rise buildings and traditional garden-style communities are available from Los Angeles to Charleston. Wood Partners communities are designed to last and meet the standards of ENERGY STAR or LEED. Enjoy modern conveniences, high end services, and environmentally responsible living in a Wood Partners apartment community.

For more information on Wood Partners green apartment homes, please contact us.


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