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How to Get Big Style in a Small Apartment

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iStock_000014814198XSmallAfter viewing hundreds of apartments, you’ve finally found the right one. There’s only one problem. The space is much smaller than expected. While you may be tempted to give up on decorating the apartment in a stylish manner, don’t. You can get big style in a small apartment.

The first tip is to measure the room you’re decorating. It’s important to have an idea of what pieces of furniture will fit so that you don’t buy pieces that are too large. While measuring, consider the pieces you’d like to have. Do you want a sectional or would a couch and a couple chairs be more your style? Make notes as you go on where you want the furniture and how large the space you want to fit the furniture into is. You can even draw out a blueprint of the room and draw the pieces you want to incorporate.

The next step is to consider the wall space of the room. Every beautifully decorated room has great art pieces. Again, measure the space you want to use and imagine what pieces you want to add. Do you want to add a large piece on the focal wall or do you want to save that piece for a television? You may even want to do a medium-sized piece surrounded by a smaller grouping of photos or paintings.

You now want to choose a color scheme. In many apartments you won’t be able to paint the walls, but that’s okay. Follow the 60/30/10 rule and you’ll have great style each and every time. With this rule, 60% of the color is made up by the wall color. Another 30% will be the color of the furniture and the last 10% will be the accessories in the room. Let’s say that the walls are beige. You could choose chocolate brown furniture and turquoise accessories. Of course, this is just an example. Remember that color has as much to do with the style as the shape of the pieces you choose. For example, burgundy will always give a classic feel to a room while a neon pink sofa would look extremely modern.

Lastly, it’s time to go shopping and put it all together. Remember to take your measurements with you and to remember your color scheme. When choosing art, look for pieces that combine the three colors you’ve chosen. Soon, you’ll have an apartment that looks stylish rather than tiny.

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