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Consider the Kids when Moving to Your New Apartment

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Family unpacking cardboard box

Your move to a new apartment can signal a positive change in your life, getting a new job, or moving to a new city. You feel excited at the opportunities this adventures offers. However, if you have any kids, they may feel the exact opposite, especially if this is the first move of their lives. They may be leaving the only home they’ve ever known and saying goodbye to lifelong friends. You can make the transition easier for them by following a few guidelines.

Begin by explaining to them why the family is moving to a new home. Encourage them to express their feelings, both positive and negative. Acknowledge and sympathize with their fears but find a way to turn these feelings into something positive. For example, if your little one is sad at leaving her friends, agree that it is indeed sad to say goodbye, but point out that she can see her playmates for special visits in the future.

Take your children on the apartment hunt with you and ask for their opinions to give them some say in the decision-making process. You can ask them what they think of the location or whether they’d prefer to have this bedroom or that bedroom as their very own. Point out some of the advantages of the complex, such as the swimming pool or play area, and how the boys and girls around them could become their new friends.

During the move, give younger kids a toy or game that they can amuse themselves with in their own room. This puts them out of the way of movers. If your children are old enough, allow them to decorate their own room by specifying where to place furniture. Give them a small budget so they can choose window coverings and accessories for their new space.

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