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Design interior. Sofa in Modern living room.While excellent interior design can involve structural changes, new floor coverings and wallpaper, your apartment lease won’t allow you to make such extensive renovations. However, there’s still a lot you can do to make your Wood Partners space your own without making permanent modifications. Try some of these tips.

Go curvy. Counteract those straight lines with pieces that show curves or circles for variety. Try a camelback sofa in the living room, a round table in the dining area, and circular throw pillows instead of square ones. Even curved patterns in your fabric choices, such as for bedspreads, can be good choices.

Keep it bright. If you feel a room is too dark, you’re first reaction is to add more lamps. But this can take up valuable table and floor space. Instead add shiny objects instead that reflect. These typically have metallic or glass elements and include brass lamps and chrome accessories. Wall mirrors are excellent for spreading brightness, especially if they face windows to reflect sunlight.

Use wallpaper as art. You can enjoy the beauty of wallpaper without any of its installation fuss by framing examples that you then hang on the wall. Use one 3-by-5-foot sample in a simple frame that won’t detract from the pattern. It makes an excellent focal point on a blank wall. If you prefer several designs but can’t decide on one, frame an 8-by-10-inch swatch of each of your favorites, and cluster the collection in a grouping. Use similar frames so the focus is on the wallpaper rather than on the frame.

If you’re interested in finding an apartment that suits your decorating and living desires, please contact Wood Partners today.


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