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Green Living Apartment Style

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Closeup glass blockYou would have to look pretty hard to find a landlord that would allow a tenant to install a solar array on the roof; that being said there are plenty of things renters can do to limit their impact on the environment.

Many multi-family communities are designed and managed with green living in mind. Even if one of these innovative communities is unavailable the choice of where you live can still be green. Pick a location that is central to what you do in your daily activities.  Locating in an area that has pedestrian or bike trails, along with mass transit can greatly reduce commuting costs along with reducing your carbon footprint.

Try to eliminate the use of plastic bottles. Stainless steel water bottles reduce the waste created by plastic and are reusable. If water quality is an issue a tap mounted filter system can alleviate those concerns.

If it hums, is warm or has lights on when you are not home, unplug it. Phone chargers, coffee makers, microwaves are just a few appliances that consume power while idling.

Heating and cooling have the largest impact on the environment and afford the best opportunity to increase the greening of your living space. Dial the thermostat back in the winter and up in the summer. Dialing back a degree or two while you are home, and six or seven degrees when you are gone is a simple way to go green. Programmable thermostats are great for this if you can get your property manager to install one.

During cooler periods of the year use windows for radiant heat, let the sun shine in. When it is cold and gloomy close the curtains to keep the cold from radiating from the window panes. Conversely when it is warmer close the drapes to keep the heat of the day outside.

Use the outside space available to you to plant. Flowers, greenery, or vegetables whether outside or indoors are a proactive way to go green, not only providing beauty but a constant reminder of the importance of sustainability.

While considering your next move contact Wood Partners an industry leader in innovative ecofriendly housing.


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