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Creating a Sustainable Home with Plants

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Living in an apartment does not mean a resident must forgo gardening and sustainable plants. Creative thinking and intelligent design will turn anyapartment into a place as unique and healthy as its inhabitants.

Begin with the walls. It is simple to add plants to the walls while staying with the apartment requirements for holes or wall hangings. Simply find a stud before hanging anything. Finding a stud, or a long board running behind the wall, means tapping on the wall. When the tapping makes a hollow noise, there is no stud. When there is a more solid noise, this is the stud behind the wall. If in doubt, ask the building management for help.

Once you’ve found the studs, you can plan a garden vertically up the walls. Use the studs to place shelves vertically, one above the other, where plantssuch as herbs and small vegetable bearing plants can be stored. Use the wall space for decorative planting, such as glass jars attached to flat boards and hammered to the wall.

Creating a Sustainable Home with PlantsAfter the wall space is adequately filled with lovely plants, begin to consider the available window space in the apartment. Glass jars tethered to the top of the windowsill then filled with water will support a number of different herbs. Layer the glass jars to create a decorative, useful, sustainable display.

Now consider space outside. If there are balconies or open spaces outside the apartment, find out what plants are allowed on the property. Use the suggestions to plant some vegetables in the backyard using vertical gardening. This type of gardening is taking apartments by storm because it makes the most of small spaces. Pallets can be used to create a lovely garden which leans against a wall. Vine plants in decorative planters, such as tomatoes or bean plants, grow very nicely along any available wall or fence space which comes with the apartment.

Use your imagination for any outdoor available area. Container gardening is also quite popular in apartments and a number of decorative containers are available for purchase. Many apartment dwellers will decorate their apartments, indoors and out, with plants which flower beautifully then turn into fruits and vegetables.

Some common suggestions are tomatoes, herbs for their aroma, peppers, onions, carrots, cucumbers, beans, eggplant, lettuce and radishes. Many dwarf varieties of these plants are available for those with limited space.

Contact us now for more questions on your new apartment and begin building your personal sustainable home today.

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