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The Rising Appeal of Apartment Communities


Appeal of Apartment LivingA recent survey conducted by WilliamPaid determined that over 100 million people pay rent each month.   Nearly 44% of the surveyed respondents who have an average monthly rent payment of $1,033 said that they plan on continuing to rent, while around 56 percent of respondents are renting an apartment with hopes of one day owning their own home.  With changes in employment, educational needs, and other life factors such as more retirees from the baby boomer era on the cusp, the need for newer housing in more affluent areas is higher than before. Many households have concluded that apartment communities are a much better choice to meet their lifestyle demands, and are more cost effective than owning a home.   That said, most of today’s leading complex owners and apartment management companies are catering to the mid-higher income families, professionals, and seniors.

There are other reasons why apartment life has become more attractive. Todays apartment buildings and complexes have much more to offer than ever before.  Following is a short list of those things most renters look for when apartment shopping:

    1. More space with eco-friendly features, both inside and out.
    2. Garage space or designated parking lots.
    3. Updated kitchen and baths.
    4. In house amenities, such as Wi-Fi, pre-wired areas for entertainment systems, private alarms.
    5. On-grounds amenities, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, fitness centers, cyber cafes, game rooms.
    6. Planned activities and social events for residents and invited guests only.
    7. Nice curb appeal and well-kept lawns, sidewalks, security lighting, safety features.
    8. Close to other amenities such as restaurants, shopping, medical care, public transportation, theaters, etc.

Homeowners are responsible for everything that breaks and needs fixing, from a leaky roof, to a broken appliance, to malfunctions in the heating/air system, as well as a bucket full of other chores such as snow removal, maintaining lawns, driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, in ground pools and other personally owned amenities.  Factor in the additional interior maintenance of paint, carpets and other type flooring, faucets, lighting, window repairs… the list never ends!  Another perk of apartment life is that renters are not responsible for repairs.  Most complexes have a full-time maintenance crew and will promptly take care of any problems that may arise.

Of course it goes without saying that the more luxurious apartments that come with higher grade amenities, the more it may cost to live there.  However, since the sq. footage of apartments is still on average much smaller than most single family homes, the money saved by using less electricity, water, gas, could offset the higher rents of a more upscale unit within a higher grade complex.  Last but not least, many former homeowners now enjoying apartment life have discovered the advantage of living within a prestigious area without paying the high property tax they paid during their years of home ownership.

For more information on the exciting new trend of apartment communities, please visit us!



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Green Living Apartment Style

Closeup glass blockYou would have to look pretty hard to find a landlord that would allow a tenant to install a solar array on the roof; that being said there are plenty of things renters can do to limit their impact on the environment.

Many multi-family communities are designed and managed with green living in mind. Even if one of these innovative communities is unavailable the choice of where you live can still be green. Pick a location that is central to what you do in your daily activities.  Locating in an area that has pedestrian or bike trails, along with mass transit can greatly reduce commuting costs along with reducing your carbon footprint.

Try to eliminate the use of plastic bottles. Stainless steel water bottles reduce the waste created by plastic and are reusable. If water quality is an issue a tap mounted filter system can alleviate those concerns.

If it hums, is warm or has lights on when you are not home, unplug it. Phone chargers, coffee makers, microwaves are just a few appliances that consume power while idling.

Heating and cooling have the largest impact on the environment and afford the best opportunity to increase the greening of your living space. Dial the thermostat back in the winter and up in the summer. Dialing back a degree or two while you are home, and six or seven degrees when you are gone is a simple way to go green. Programmable thermostats are great for this if you can get your property manager to install one.

During cooler periods of the year use windows for radiant heat, let the sun shine in. When it is cold and gloomy close the curtains to keep the cold from radiating from the window panes. Conversely when it is warmer close the drapes to keep the heat of the day outside.

Use the outside space available to you to plant. Flowers, greenery, or vegetables whether outside or indoors are a proactive way to go green, not only providing beauty but a constant reminder of the importance of sustainability.

While considering your next move contact Wood Partners an industry leader in innovative ecofriendly housing.

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Creating a Sustainable Home with Plants

Living in an apartment does not mean a resident must forgo gardening and sustainable plants. Creative thinking and intelligent design will turn anyapartment into a place as unique and healthy as its inhabitants.

Begin with the walls. It is simple to add plants to the walls while staying with the apartment requirements for holes or wall hangings. Simply find a stud before hanging anything. Finding a stud, or a long board running behind the wall, means tapping on the wall. When the tapping makes a hollow noise, there is no stud. When there is a more solid noise, this is the stud behind the wall. If in doubt, ask the building management for help.

Once you’ve found the studs, you can plan a garden vertically up the walls. Use the studs to place shelves vertically, one above the other, where plantssuch as herbs and small vegetable bearing plants can be stored. Use the wall space for decorative planting, such as glass jars attached to flat boards and hammered to the wall.

Creating a Sustainable Home with PlantsAfter the wall space is adequately filled with lovely plants, begin to consider the available window space in the apartment. Glass jars tethered to the top of the windowsill then filled with water will support a number of different herbs. Layer the glass jars to create a decorative, useful, sustainable display.

Now consider space outside. If there are balconies or open spaces outside the apartment, find out what plants are allowed on the property. Use the suggestions to plant some vegetables in the backyard using vertical gardening. This type of gardening is taking apartments by storm because it makes the most of small spaces. Pallets can be used to create a lovely garden which leans against a wall. Vine plants in decorative planters, such as tomatoes or bean plants, grow very nicely along any available wall or fence space which comes with the apartment.

Use your imagination for any outdoor available area. Container gardening is also quite popular in apartments and a number of decorative containers are available for purchase. Many apartment dwellers will decorate their apartments, indoors and out, with plants which flower beautifully then turn into fruits and vegetables.

Some common suggestions are tomatoes, herbs for their aroma, peppers, onions, carrots, cucumbers, beans, eggplant, lettuce and radishes. Many dwarf varieties of these plants are available for those with limited space.

Contact us now for more questions on your new apartment and begin building your personal sustainable home today.