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Green Living Tip: The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) on Human Health

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emf blog photoRecent studies have raised concerns about the effects of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, on human health and the World Health Organization’s has classified radio frequencies from mobile phones as a possible carcinogen.

“It is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure,” said WHO official Chris Wild.

In a study published in the journal Holistic Primary Care, Camilla Rees explains the human body’s own internal electromagnetic field is vulnerable to artificial EMFs. Roughly 35 percent of people are moderately sensitive and 3 percent are highly sensitive to EMF exposure. But a little “hygiene,” she says, can reduce your risk.

While the health impacts of EMFs continue to be studied, it makes sense to minimize exposure at home. Here’s how:

–Use hard-wired telephones. Whenever possible, use a hard-wired telecom connection or a voice-over-internet connection such as Skype instead of a mobile or cordless phone.

–Use a speakerphone or handset. These are available from the EMF Safety Store.

–Go “BlueTube,” not BlueTooth. Instead of EMF-based Bluetooth-type headsets or earbuds, use hard-wired headsets, or “BlueTube” headsets, which utilize plastic, stethoscope-like tubes to deliver soundwaves to the ear.

–Reduce wi-fi use. Whenever possible, link your computer to the internet via a hard-wired router and an ethernet cord, rather than a wireless router or hybrid wireless/wired router. Choose a wired printer, keyboard and mouse.

–Shield the routers. A wireless router emits continuous EMFs. You can cover it with a Router Wrap made of high-quality shielding material. Router Wraps, which can also be used to shield wireless printer antennas, portable phone base stations and other RF devices, are available from ElectromagneticHealth.org.

–Say no to smart meters. A handful of communities in northern California have placed a moratorium on further roll-outs of “smart meters,” which track power usage and facilitate real-time pricing, because some people have experienced health problems from the EMF they emit.

–Create an EMF-free bedroom. Don’t bring cell phones, portable phones, wireless routers or computers into the bedroom. Unplug electric devices, such as electric blankets and space heaters, near the bed. Use battery-powered LCD clocks (not LED), keeping them several feet from the body. Keep extension cords or power strips away from the bed.

–Consider a shielding canopy. If you’re sensitive to EMFs, consider purchasing a specially designed mesh bed canopy, sometimes called a sleep sanctuary, that shields the bed from radio frequencies from mobile phone towers and wi-fi devices. Bed canopies are available from the EMF Safety Store.

–Be careful with wireless baby monitors: According to Larry Gust of Gust Environmental, the new generation monitors “generate radiation signature similar to cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi and some wireless children’s games (e.g. X-Box 360)”. Search for old analog monitors on EBay or in thrift shops.

For more information on potential health risks associated with EMF exposure, check out AntennaSearch.com, which lets you search any U.S. address to learn where licensed antennas and towers are, and ElectromagneticHealth.org, which features videos on EMF and health.


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