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Meet The Team: John Ford

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John Ford

Who doesn’t love carbs? John Ford, National Due Diligence Manager in our Houston office says he loves carbs despite what his trainer tells him. Read about the custom product he asked Starbucks for, his secret talent, and what he does before he leaves the office daily:

Name: John Russell Ford
Title/Position: National Due Diligence Manager
Office Name/Location: Houston, TX

Fantasy career: Private Pilot

Favorite ethnic cuisine: Sushi

Most exotic travel experience: Arenal, Costa Rica — I quickly found out my “Texas Spanish” abilities did not translate so well in Costa Rica …..

Starbucks (or other coffee shop) order: Grande Drip with cream. I’ve asked for it in an I.V. bag although the Barrista didn’t see the humor.

Most played song on iPod: I stream from my phone more than have individual songs. NPR, NYC/Chicago Fusion, WCPE Classical, KPLU Jazz24

A perfect day in would be: A beach, silence, and a cool drink preferably with my phone submerged in it.

Best advice you ever received: “Shut up and listen. The most successful guy in the room is generally not the loudest.” My Dad.

Your secret talent: I’m a classically trained pianist.

What you like most about your work: Two points: Every day is a different challenge – there is no true “in box/out box” and Autonomy to do your job, do it well, and be proud of what we accomplish.

Favorite weekend activity: Cycling

Your first job: Clerk at a convenience store….. I can still smell that awful deep fryer – yuck.

Worst subject in high school: Geometry

Most productive time of day: 6 – 8 am and pm when I can map out my day / wrap up my day without the phone/email driving me nuts.
Reality show you’re embarrassed to admit you watch: Any of the Real Housewives … those ladies are insane!

Person you’d like to have dinner with: Hillary Clinton

A business tool you can’t live without: iPhone
Next travel destination: Breckenridge next month if there is any snow left.

What’s next for you: Probably another conference call — let me check my calendar.

A bad habit: My trainer says carbs. I say listening to him.

What book is on your nightstand now? Probably dust …. Um, a half empty bottle of water, “Life Without Lawyers, the death of common sense,” and an alarm clock that hasn’t been used in probably 10 years (see above … iPhone)

Words you live by: “When you know better, you do better.” ~Maya Angelou

First thing you do when you get to the office: Again See Starbucks Above ….. more coffee from the kitchen.

Last thing you do before you leave your office: Mutter that I really should water the plant on my desk, say I’ll do it tomorrow, and then don’t…

Your favorite guilty pleasure: Travel. More than huge homes and fast cars, I’d rather go and experience things.


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