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Meet The Team: Clay Richardson

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Clay Richardson

Before Clay Richardson was Asset Manager for Wood Partners in Scottsdale, AZ, his first job was at Taco Bell. Find out his secret talent, his bad habit, and what he’s most proud of:

Name: Clay Richardson
Title/Position: Asset Manager
Office Name/Location: Scottsdale,AZ

Most exotic travel experience: Arctic Circle

Starbucks (or other coffee shop) order: Maybe water? I don’t drink coffee

A perfect day in would be: Something outdoors: Hunting/fishing/snorkeling

Best advice you ever received: Be careful what you post on social media

Your secret talent: I can cook

Your first job: Taco Bell drive thru.

Most productive time of day: All hours (is my boss checking this?)

Person you’d like to have dinner with: Mark Cuban

What you’re most proud of: Keeping my three small children alive and safe simultaneously.

A business tool you can’t live without: Excel

A bad habit: Dallas Cowboys fan

Favorite possession: Swarovski 10x42mm EL (no, its not crystal stemware)

What book is on your nightstand now? Think Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman

First thing you do when you get to the office: Punch in the security code, so the cops don’t come.

Your favorite guilty pleasure: sarcastic emails to co-workers


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